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Forget the Proglide, I like the Sensor!

Hey guys,

I've been DE shaving for like two years now, but I use carts for general grooming on my body. I ran out of mach 3 turbo carts so I decided to try the Fusion Proglide as a test. My beard is tough so I thought this would be a good test. The razor does what they claim. Its smooth with no irritation BUT its way to MILD for me. Does not pick up hair as much as my trusted MERKUR HD. I had to use too many passes. no BBS I had to finish with my Merkur for a BBS.
I had to toss the fusion. It's a pricey razor and its too mild for me. The Merkur has more bite. So after reading many reviews on the Sensor excel, I decided to give it a try. Im glad I did. Something about it too. I love the look of it. Very smooth on my skin. So now I use a combo to shave.
Fisrt WTG - Merkur HD with feather blade (beard reduction)
Second XTG - Merkur HD
Third - ATG with Sensor excel.

BBS is so smooth. I will use this razor more in the future. :thumbup1:

I think the sensor is probably the best of the cartridge razors. I also like the atra, but the sensor is a little better I think.
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