Forget Gillette, the Men's Anti Gillette Association

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    Are you done with Gillette products? Tired of P&G preaching? Join Forget Gillette, Men's Anti Gillette Association. Let's just use FG as a club sig.
    There are plenty of great products for us wet shavers, you don't have to use Gillette/P&G products. Let's all celebrate the diversity of products and companies that don't talk down to us as customers.
    I don't want to talk politics, rehash the commercial, or defend why I don't want to spend my money on Gillette products. It's my choice, and I invite others with like points of view to join. Let's discuss what you have found as a suitable or better replacement.

    I like to switch up sometimes between straight razors and DE razors. I've found my beat shaves come from the Barbasol FH and a Clix Even Flo 500 razor. Bic Astor and Chrome Platinum blades get me smooth and close shaves. I will miss Old Spice aftershave when my bottle and a half are done, but I'll live.
  1. I’m in. I have always hated Gillette, they invented the marketing strategy of hooking you in to buying the high profit replacement blade buy giving away the razors so to speak. I don’t even understand all the hoopla about their old junk “vintage “ razor mania, new modern razors are a far finer product in every way.
  2. And there are many vintage razors which unfortunately never had the marketing budget or name recognition of Gillette, yet give better shaves. What are your non-G favorite products?
  3. I don’t use a lot of products. I use a Karve razor with Personna blades, William or Cella soap and clubman after shave.
  4. Unfortunately, I just bought about 19 or so sample packs of blades right before the new year. Once I'm do enwoth them, I won't buy them again.
  5. Doesn’t look let this group is going anywhere. People like being insulted I guess.
  6. Doesn't matter, this room is buried as a subforum. It will grow, people here will get fed up with Gillette's products and marketing.
    I just had an awesome G free shave today, Clix Even Flo, Bic Chrome Platinum, Arki, Yaqi brush and Florida Water.
  7. Sign me up. I've not been a Gillette fan for several years and I'm definitely done with them now.
  8. You're in!
  9. Pepin

    Pepin Ambassador

    I will sign up, will not buy any Gillette items, which for me would be the 7-O'Clock blades.
    Will do my best to try and find alternatives to P&G items as well.
  10. Feel free to post your best G alternatives. Astra SP blades give me a great shave, but when my tuck is done, it's done. Bic Astor and Chrome Platinum are awesome blades.
  11. Not a club member, but as an alternative to Gillette Foamy, have been using a can of Walmart's Equate Regular Shaving Cream I had stuck back. I wasn't impressed with foam longevity when I first tried it, but using it this past week it performed well. The fragrance is very similar to Gillette Foamy's

    For gel, I've long preferred Edge. The reason was fragrance. Edge predates Gillette's gels, anyway. Will say I can smell part of the soybean oil base when I apply Edge.

    Am thinking of trying Harry's razor Just Because. May not, because I don't like the gate-hinge style pivot placement that it, along with the newer Gillette cartridges, tends to use.

    Question: Does No Gillette cover vintage as well?

    I'm not applying for membership, BTW, as things can change and I might be in a situation where I have to buy a current or new Gillette product (which has happened twice on a couple of emergency trips). I will say I feel desire to buy current or new Gillette products under normal circumstances. I might get a hankering for an vintage model, though.
  12. For vintage Gillette, that's your call. There are no hard rules, no meetings, it's more of an attitude of not wanting social justice preaching with your razors.
  13. Pepin

    Pepin Ambassador

    I use my vintage Gillette, as the historic razors had no input to the current days P.C. preaching.

    Just plan on avoiding any current Gillette products, and hopefully other P&G items.
  14. Astra SP is a Proctor & Gamble brand.
  15. And when I'm done with the tuck I have, I won't buy them again.
  16. It was unsettling to realize that Old Spice is a P&G brand. That's been my go-to since the 1980s. It wasn't always so, and doesn't have to be now.
  17. Yes, I love the scent of OS aftershave but I won't be buying anymore once it's done.

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