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For those of us not familiar with SNUS

I've read this before and enjoyed it. It always makes me wish that we had more brands easily available in the US. I'm lucky in that there are a few gas stations around me that have started carrying General (in fact, I have a General Mint Portion in right now), but I'd like to easily be able to try some others as well.
Allowed to order it, never tried though as I only use it when I am with my swedish friends.

The downside to ordering here is that shipping usually runs about $30 on top of the price of the order. Not so bad if you order a few rolls, and know what you like, but it makes ordering a selection of cans a little more of a gamble.
Hey all....just as an FYI, many brands of Swedish snus are available here in the US at brick and mortar shops. Thunder, Offroad, Jakobsson's and Oden's can be purchased at tobacconists and tobacco outlets all over the country. Here's our link to the store locator
www.snusdistribution.com. If you don't find a store in your area, PM me and I'll have my sales team give them a call and get them to pick up the brand that you like. Thanks


EDIT: A member here alerted me to the fact that the snusdistribution.com site is giving a 403 forbidden message, so I called our IT people and apparently we were hacked. We're in the process of moving it to another server, so it should be back up and running soon. In the interim if you have a local retailer that you want to carry Thunder, Offroad, Oden's or Jakobsson's snus...shoot me a PM with the retailer's name and number and I'll get my sales team working on it. Thanks
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