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For sale:. Loccitane soap and Al bowl, Old Spice Mug w Fine Platinum and 40s SS

Conus, we can figure international out.

Bowls and mugs don't do much for me...so:

1). Loccitane Bowl w Cade soap. Test lathered and that's about it, imprint still clearly visible. 40 plus new, selling for 27.

2) Old Spice Mug with Platinum soap. I am guessing there is 1/3 of the soap left, it is about a year old. Great stuff. 23.00.

**I have about a quarter bottle of Platinum splash left too. You can have that for 4 bucks if you buy the soap (essentially shipping)

3) 40s no date code superspeed. This is pretty nice, good condition for its age. 12.00

Thanks for looking, let me know if prices are out of line.

Thanks!1500142566592688550916.jpg 15001426088851484065579.jpg 15001426088851484065579.jpg
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