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For Sale from bobsrazors.com


workbench A.JPG
Razors for sale by me here on B&B will be an occasional occurrence, and will be sold at a "usually", 10% price reduction from my website's listed price. They can be purchased from my website, bobsrazors.com or contact me thru [email protected] or call me at 615-826-0174 for other arrangements. This 10% price reduction will be a price reduction from my website's listed price, plus the S&H charge. If purchased from my website which does not have a way to allow for discounts, to get this 10% discount all you have to do is mention "from B&B forum" in the notes to seller space, when you make your PayPal payment, (or otherwise notify me) and I will refund your 10% discount back to your PayPal account, or with cash mailed with your item.

This showing is for a super nice dubl duck Goldedge straight razor.

For a complete description and photos of this razor please go to my website bobsrazors.com It is number 49 on the first page.
dd goldedge 1.JPG
dd goldedge 2.JPG
dd goldedge 3.JPG
dd goldedge 4.JPG

dd goldedge 5.JPG
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