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FS For sale and for trade; hardware (razors and razor handles)

Gentlemen, I am trying to thin the herd a bit (again!). I have one razor for TRADE; the rest are for SALE.

TRADE first:

I have a Wolfman WR-1 DC 0.74 razor head in the “basic polish” (looks like a mirror). Outstanding condition. I LOVE this razor, but it has a bit too much blade feel for me. I would love to trade it for a WR-1 either OC, safety bar, or dual comb, in similar condition, but with a smaller blade gap (0.46, 0.54, 0.61). So if you have a small gap Wolfman WR-1 that you always wish were just a little bit more aggressive, please let me know and we can make the trade.


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Razor prices do not include shipping. Shipping is $6 for CONUS; actual shipping cost for other locations. If you buy more than one item you will be charged one shipping price only. Razors for sale as follows:

1) Razorock Mamba 0.70, in excellent condition. With handle, $65 new. This sale is for the head ONLY. This one is yours for $30 plus shipping

2) Original iKon SBS in brass (note that this is NOT the much later SBS in the Shavecraft series that was of an aluminum alloy and had totally different shaving characteristics). This is the original. Very few were made and sold. Tradere-like head, dual comb, flippable baseplate (iKon’s marketing said “four razors in one”). To be honest flipping the baseplate does change the aggression somewhat, but perhaps not as much as their marketing suggested. I bought this from Greg and am the original owner. I used it regularly for a while after I bought it but I haven’t used it much lately (I have an S3S and a Pils, so this one is redundant). There is a patina, as one would expect on raw brass. It can be polished, or the patina can be left. A rare opportunity for a unique razor. I paid well over $200 for this in 2016 or 2017 when they were sold. I will let this one go for $199 plus shipping


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3) Schick injector (type M, I think). It has some plate loss of the gold and some staining of the handle. $15 plus shipping

4) User grade Superspeed, B2, missing one endplate. Functionally excellent. Good starter razor to introduce somebody to wetshaving, or a good daily shaver. $10 plus shipping

5) The fearsome Yaqi “Knight Helmet.” The most aggressive razor I have ever used, and it’s not close. Fun to shave with, and looks cool, but not making it into my rotation right now. These were dirt cheap from alibaba……I’ll let this one go for $5 plus shipping. Or, if you buy another item and want me to throw this one in with it, $2.50


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6) Long-handled Black Beauty adjustable. User grade. How about $20 plus shipping?

7) Ming-Shi Merkur Futur clone razor. Very good condition. This is a very smooth shaver and fully functional. I enjoy it when I use it. I’m told it is several notches less aggressive than the real deal Futur. Very smooth on the skin. These were sold for about $12 when they first came out. This one is yours for $7 plus shipping

7) iKon “Tuckaway” stainless steel handle, great condition. This is a short handle, great for travel or for people who just like short handles. I use it every once in a while and actually enjoy using it, but I just don’t reach for it enough to want to keep it. I’d like to get this to a home where it will be appreciated. I’ll let it go for $18 plus shipping

8) Durham Duplex handle. User grade. A lot of people love this handle; great ergonomics. I never use it. $5 plus shipping, or, if you buy another item, I’ll add this to your order for $3


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Finally, a beautiful ballpoint pen. This is a beautiful Conklin twist-to-activate ballpoint, in a rich brown/deep blue pearlescent swirl pattern with gold clip, etc. It is in very good condition. The gold plating on the clip isn’t perfect. It looks much better in the hand than I could capture in the photos. It takes Parker-style refills, so it can be refilled with either ballpoint or rollerball (if you prefer). Monteverdi makes rollerball refills in the Parker style with a bunch of different colors of ink.
I think I paid about $60 for this pen. It is yours for $25 plus shipping


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