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for sale, about 3hr drive from me.

Looks like I will be picking this razor up for a good price.

No handle cracks but some minor brassing on handle.

What do you guys think?
I love mine. It's a great shaver. WTH, you could shop around and save a buck or two or you can get instant gratification. :devil: guess what I'd do?
im honeslty not a DE shaver, but couldnt resist a 1916.... prob end up selling it before long, I have too many razors already!
yes, a mental error on my part. ball end old type.
I will try it out but doubt it will replace my SE's much
Let me see if I've got this straight:

You bought a $30 brassed razor and thought about driving 3 hours to pick it up, but then changed your mind and had it sent priority mail even though you only live three hours away, you really don't use DEs, and you'll probably be selling it soon anyway. Is this correct?
Dont beat yourself up trying to understand my purchases.

Thought about driving to get it, had it mailed to me instead.
Nothing real complicated.
Yes I dont shave with DE's, but its a 1916, not exactly common.
Well I think that you will be very happy with that razor once you get it, as it shaves much more like an SE than you might think. A 1916 dated razor is a nice one to have, and once you try it I don't think that you'll be selling it anytime soon.

Once you get it, I'd suggest using a pretty sharp blade. I'm currently using a Yellow 7 O'Clock in mine and I really like it.
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Willyb You're going to love it!

It's a highly underrated shaver.

Old Types are nice and close, somewhat forgiving, and rich in nostalgia.

I requisitioned a custom set with an Old Type head as a matter of fact. So I can see how I'd be excited to have an original from 1916 on the way too.

I have tried to love SE shaves, but can't get the angle right.

I have a cleft in my chin too.. Kinda hard to maneuver a big stiff blade head around...
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