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For my first synthetic brush purchase??


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AP ShaveCo, Fine Accoutrements, Maggards, Stirling, and RazoRock all have great synthetics in the 20-22mm size within your price range.

Pearl has a bunch of new brushes on amzn that have a “take my money!” look to them, too.
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Hi Phil, First thank you for your service.

Optimal brush choice may be driven by the types of soaps you prefer to use. For most of my soaps and two croaps I use a couple Razorock plissoft synthetic brushes with excellent results. For my really hard tallow based soaps (Williams and Mitchell's) i've found that a stiffer boar brush works best. I initially build my lather on the puck and finish building via face lathering so our techniques may be similar. The Razorock brushes are high quality and hold up well. Specifics include:

  • Razorock Monster Brush - 26mm synthetic knot with a 63mm loft. Have used as my primary brush for almost 3 years and still going strong. $13.99 often on sale for $8.99.
  • Razorock Big Bruce - Just purchased and used for the first time. Exact same knot as the Monster with a simpler handle. Same pricing as the Monster. This also comes in a smaller 24mm Bruce version.
  • Razorock Blondie Boar - Rebranded Zenith 80N. 26mm knot with a 63mm loft. Has worked well over the past year with one or two uses per week for my hard tallow pucks.
Razorock also has synthetics with smaller 22 mm knots if that is your preference.

Note that the synthetics work well with my slightly less hard soaps such as Arko and Razorock What the Puck as well as croaps like Proraso. No need for a boar if you only use soaps like these. Budget wise you could easily purchase any or all of these and stay within your $50 target including the shipping charge to the U.S. The above three brushes provide the optimal tools for most soaps or creams while generally allowing each brush a day off to fully dry out.
The Monster is still my favorite synth, even over the Simpson's Trafalgar or the Muhle fancy synthetics.

The Big Bruce is great. If I had it to do over I might have gone with the smaller Bruce, but you can't go wrong with either.
for me, the 24mm of the Bruce (or any other brush for that matter) is ideal. PAA makes some great brushes as well. I can vouch for the Amber Aerolite, which may even edge out the Bruce, IMO.


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@wheatshocker - AP Shave Co handle plus G5C fan:

This is my current favorite synthetic knot in the <$50 price range.

If you can go higher, check out the EJ and Mühle STF brushes. :)
I'm not opposed to collecting a few different brushes, but I don't necessarily want to end up with dozens of them. :redface-new: (famous last words)

Here is my modest, yet quite delightful, collection of synthetic brushes. Each one is a pleasure to use and sublime indeed.
Each one is well within your budget ---- as a matter of fact, any three of them together can be had for less than $ 50.
Have fun and enjoy whatever you wind up purchasing (hopefully at least three ! LOL !) :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Right to Left ..... AP Shave Co. Synbad, RazoRock Plissoft Silvertip, Yaqi Chianti,
Yaqi Tuxedo, Stirling Tuxedo, Yaqi Sagrada Familia, and Simpsons Trafalgar 2.

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