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For all you Dippers, Maybe.

Best of luck with the surgery, sir. I'm going to wager it's either back surgery or some variety of coronary/heart snipping. Having quit dip myself, I concur that it's much harder than any other form of tobacco to let go. Cigarettes weren't a problem; quitting dip (Cope Southern Blend for me) contributed to a brawl with a former boss (granted, he was drunk and hit me first). I wish I had known about the tea/molasses trick; that actually appeals to me. I just ended up sucking down 36 mg vape juice at about 8 ml's a day. Good luck to you, on all fronts.
I had to quit dipping a few years ago. It took like 6 tries. Other than nicotine, I think the reason why its so hard is that you can dip indoors, at work, while driving and it wont bother anyone other than leaving your spit bottles around. With smoking your fingers, cloths, car smell like cigarettes and anyone can hold you accountable.

I used to dip Grizzly wintergreen, when it was $1.25 a can. Not only did I have the nicotine but also the wintergreen addiction.
What helped was wintergreen and mint Altoids. It had a similar burn to the gum line. I also had a buddy who quit the same time so I couldn't bum a pinch off of him when I was quitting.
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