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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Argonaut, Apr 10, 2015.

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    As You all know, I'm a long time pipe and cigar lover going on 25 years now. What some of you may not know is that I have been a snuff dipper going on 35 years now. Pipes and cigars are my hobby, my passion even. Snuff is my horrible addiction that I can't quit, or couldn't. Out of desperation I stumbled across an easy recipe to help with the cravings, it works so damned good, you still feel like your using. Except for those first few days of bloodlusting nicotine rage. Bear with me.
    I have an upcoming critical surgery, one which the surgeon absolutely refuses to perform until I have been nicotine free, like 100% no patches, no gum, no vaping, no nicotine at all, for 3 months. They will do a hair follicle test to ensure this a day or two prior to scheduling the surgery. So besides the obvious problem everyone has quitting the vitamin N, we dippers have it extremely bad. Only the most junkified Vape freak wet dripping concentrate straight on to his 15kw coil can get remotely close to the dose of nicotine that a dip of Copenhagen will infuse your bloodstream with. Not to mention if your like me, I only took out a dip to eat and sleep, the other 18 hours of the day I had pure nicotine coursing through my veins. Don't believe dippers are doped up on N more than you 3 pack a day smokers, go getcha a pinch of Skoal and see how long you can stand up without puking. Anyway, the point is that I can set down the pipes and cigars no problem, quitting the dip is another matter. There is just no non tobacco alternatives to dipping. That Rocky mountain brand crap is a $6 tin of alfalfa and clover, and tastes like they ran it through the digestive tract of the cow first. So things being as they are, I devised my own substitute.I'm on day 4 of going cold turkey with the help of just 2 simple ingredients that have probably saved the life of at least one of my kids. I figured I'd share with you other dippers in the event you need or want to give it up.
    You'll need a loose leaf tea of your choice, and blackstrap molasses. You basically just bloom the tea with enough boiling water to saturate. Let the tea get nice and soft, about 5 minutes for mine using an English breakfast tea, then use a fine strainer to squeeze as much of the water as you can out of the tea leaves. While the leaves are still hot and damp, add your molasses. I use about 2 tablespoons to 3/4 cup of loosely packed tea. It's not a perfect replacement, if you don't steep the tea long enough the tannins make it hard to use, but it's good enough to let you forget you quit to help through those rough patches. Like I said, I'm only on the end of day four, but this has been a lifesaver born from a massive nicotine fit. Maybe it'll come in useful for someone else some time. Oh, and it tastes like really intense sweet tea, you southern boys ought to love it. Anyhoo, I was kind of impressed with myself once I tweeked it to its current version, so now I'm sharing. If you don't like it, well, it's only day 4, so you might want to keep your negative opinions to yourself so I don't have to come over there a rip you a new one!:001_smile Enjoy
  2. I've also seen coffee grounds, that fake powder milk, and honey used as a combination to quit dipping. It doesn't really replicate the mouth feel 100%, nor does it hold together for very long... but it tasted like a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Bonus points for actually giving a bit of a caffeine kick too. I think it was called Cowboy Coffee Chew?

    And I concur... quitting dip was hard. I smoked cigs socially in college and quit cold turkey no problem. I essentially give up on pipes and cigars every winter. But dip? Dip was haaaaaaaaaaaard to kick. The first time I quit, I took Swedish Snus and then herbal snus to gradually ween myself off. The second time was a brief momentary lapse of only a couple tins, so I just used the Cowboy Coffee Chew and vaping to get me through it.

    Best of luck with getting off the Vitamin N, and I hope the surgery goes well.
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    Thanks Jason, man there's a lot of Jason's on this site, one might even say too many :tongue_sm. I tried a few versions with coffee, no matter what I did it still felt like a lip full of sand, though I got some nice flavors. Congrats on your success with kicking it. I feel like the worst is behind me now, but I remain vigilant.
  4. Good luck buddy. I assume this is back surgery?
  5. The ingenuity of the people in this forum never ceases to amaze me.

    I'll be rooting for you and the sake of your hair follicles. Japanese mojo is being sent your way to ensure a successful surgery.
  6. I've seen more Jason's on here than I have in my personal life it seems. Lots of Jay's, but almost all of them weren't called Jason.

    I feel you on the coffee mixture. Within 5 minutes I basically had a mouth full of coffee grinds all over the place. I think the fact it was such a pain in the *** actually helped me get over the cravings quicker. Every time I had that tingle, it was met with a mouthful of coffee grinds. :lol:

    You're over most of the first hump. The first week was killer. After that I just got random cravings, and I still get the occasional craving.
  7. Jim

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    Good luck Jason with what must be a terrible withdrawal. Watch your blood pressure.
  8. Good luck with quitting, Jason. Best wishes for a totally successful surgery as well.

    I completely understand and feel for you. Quitting dip was worse that cigarettes for me. Wintergreen long cut was my Achilles heel. In desperation I would even go as far as using Skoal Bandits two at a time if the long cut was unavailable. I would get cranked on N. Nothing else does it quite as good.
  9. I saw my dad put a pinch of Prince Albert in his lip once when he was out of snuss. He was much more hardcore than I. Myself if im out I go to the store :laugh:
  10. Good luck with your surgery, and good luck getting off the dip. Hopefully this stuff does the trick.

    I'm not a dipper, and I don't think I could be. I couldn't handle the nicotine. But this stuff sounds kinda good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you shouldn't have to spit dipping this, right?
  11. No need to spit. All it is, is tea leaves and molasses. Ditto for the coffee stuff that I mentioned before... though I wouldn't suggest swallowing an entire load of coffee grinds.
  12. poorboy

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    I recently started dipping (after quitting for a few years) during a particularly stressful/boring stretch of military training. Other dippers (or anyone that uses a nicotine product) may agree that boredom is much worse than stress for creating a "need". Anyway I'm back now and need to kick again, may give this a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

    and also "bloodlusting nicotine rage"... :lol: Been there/am there now. Particularly bad after a meal.
  13. Argonaut

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    Nope, don't have to spit, but if you choose to it looks the part. I keep waiting for someone at my kids games to try to make me quit using tobacco on the "24/7 No Tobacco" school property. There isn't a no tea policy that I'm aware of, so maybe I'll get beat up by a cop and can sue the school and the town to live on easy street for awhile.
  14. So, am I reading that it's not about the nicotine but the need to have something in your lip to satisfy you mentally?

    Do you vape at all? You could huff all the 0 nicotine juice you want and still pass the test. It's not going to satisfy the need for a liper though.
  15. Good luck with your upcoming surgery!
  16. Argonaut

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    30 some odd years of having a dip in the lip is tough to throw, this replaces that part of the habit. No I don't vape, I'd probably throw a zero nic juice rig through a brick wall right now.
  17. I was thinking more about the placebo effect you're getting with the tea. You could still chew and smoke without actually ingesting any nicotine. Or, if you can't seem to kick the habit and go back to the chew, the vaping thing would be good because you could control the amount of nicotine. You could use it as a means to an end without having to go cold turkey. Plus, if you let the wife load your vape, she could control it even more and start loading zero nic, every now and then, without you knowing it and possibly get you to the point that you just give up on the nic completely.

    Just some suggestions. Only trying to help.:thumbup:
  18. 73mountaineer

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    Oh man, oh man, do I feel your pain, Jason. I have been there done that, and probably have a few less friends to show for it. I smoked for years and years, then dipped for times that I couldn't smoke, heavily when I was in the service, as they tended to from upon us having lit cigs and open flames around bombs, explosives and nukes. So I considered myself a smoker that only dipped as a side habit. Fast forward to years later when I quit smoking and couldn't get off snuff. Tried, tried and tried, and was a borderline psychopath each time I tried to quit.

    I am around smokers daily and almost never give it a second thought, but I still think about buying a can of Kodiak or Grizzly about once every other week. It's the devil.

    You can do it though, I am living proof...and I managed to avoid killing anyone.
  19. How's everything going with staying of the nic, Jason?

    Haven't seen you around in a while. Hope you didn't go postal :tongue_sm
  20. poorboy

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    I wasn't really trying to kick the nic, just dip. Haven't had a dip in a while. Been vaping and smoking a pipe occasionally but that doesn't really get it...

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