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Footwear of the Day

You mean... none of your shoes are comfortable? :eek6:
Haha. I have plenty of comfortable shoes but few of them are sneakers. I probably have two pairs (if you don’t include running shoes) and a pair of AllBirds I use (or used to use) for long haul flights.
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That might be my fave set up.
Totally agree, thanks. When I got the shoes, I conducted a poll among friends on what laces to wear first lol My cousin and I said orange, right off the bat. This is the first time wearing the orange, but they pop beautifully. I don't own a single piece of orange clothing, and I'm sick of being asked if I'm a whomever fan, but I like the contrast
What kind of laces are those? Original or new? I would like to replace mine.
These were sold under Churchill’s label. It was Church’s “casual“ brand for a short time in the 1990s. It lasted a few years and disappeared. The laces are original. The sole and uppers are in good shape. I had a cobbler replace the worn heels a few years ago and the red matches well. Otherwise they are holding up pretty well. Probably an excessively large rotation helps! I’ll try to get a few miles on them this year.


Moderator Emeritus

This was my “shoe of the day” in June of 2020. That was possibly the last time I wore them. (No wonder my shoes last 20 years.) :lol:

The AE Orlean nubucks (which I think are discontinued) definitely don’t see a lot of action. I need to get them into the rotation more often. It a nice-looking comfortable shoe.

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