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First wear of my Clarks Bushacre Hill “Beatle” boots. An early Christmas gift from my wife and although “roomy” despite being my size (common with Clarks) they’re surprisingly comfortable. These are my first slip on boots and while the ankle height is the same as my Desert’s the lack of laces was at first a concern. No need as after a couple hours the boots and my feet/ankles accommodated nicely. I do miss the old crepe soles on the Desert and Bushacre boots, but after two years wear on my current Desert boots I shouldn’t need to worry about them wearing out.
Once again I have to bemoan the fact that some forty years ago I worked at Clarks Canada in Mississauga and could’ve had footwear like this dirt cheap. But back in my callow youth this type of footwear was uncool and only for old geezers. Guess who’s an old geezer now?
I call this style “Beatle” boots as they remind me of the nose pickers the Fab Four wore back in the day...not entirely correct as their boots most likely had zippers were black and had both leather uppers and soles, but if wearing them makes me think of John, Paul, George and the funny looking fellow with the big hooter...
Nice thread. Lately I’ve been posting about breaking-in my first pair of custom handmade Nicks Boots in a separate thread. I’ve also been playing with photography on my iPhone. Here’s a portrait shot taken yesterday afternoon after their third week of work.


Rudy Vey

My Dehner custom riding boots...most of the day today. Now they are cleaned, and treated with Saphir renovateur and got a nice polish with Saphier black shoe polish. Good to go tomorrow.