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For 50 years or more, I've mostly worn Sperry Topsiders or Clarks desert boots. I've been retired a long time. I do have some better dress shoes but have little occasion to wear them anymore. I also am a fan of Merrell Moabs for outdoor activities and winter. Oh, I also wear roper boots in the higher winter snow if it's not too slippery (Ariat is the current brand). As a grown man, what I no longer wear are the sneakers that I wore when I was 12 (like Converse All-Stars or Jack Purcell's). Those look foolish on grown men IMO.
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I wore these boots again today, for the first time since they blistered my heels a couple of weeks ago.


Today, I did the laces properly, taking out all the slack with the multi-purpose hook on the back of my Swiss pocket knife. Much better. No problems whatsoever.
Cole Haan Zeroguard. Purchased for the colorway re my daughter’s college graduation.

Certainly comfortable enough. At 90 ish out the door they would not have been bought but for the colorway as I think this look can be conveyed by better constructed, more durable athletic shoes for less money.

Moreover 90.00 is two killer pairs of shoes off eBay with a bit of luck.
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