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What brand of shoe is that? Is the leather shell cordovan? That leather looks like the leather on my old Florsheim Imperials in shell cordovan. I still have them, but never wear them. 2 pair in the plain toe and 1 pair of wing tips. I suppose they’re not in style anymore. I see them on eBay for top dollar.
Allen Edmonds Dundee chukkas in espresso shell cordovan. They have a nice double oak tanned sole and storm welt. Very solid. Sadly no longer made. I got a pair of Dundee 2 in bourbon shell in one of the trunks sales a few years ago. A nice boot but not as heavy duty as the older Dundee.

Those Florsheim Imperial gunboats in shell with the steel sparker heels are excellent. If I could find a pair in wide fitting I’d certainly grab ‘em.
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