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Foodsaver Model

Old model i had finally bite the dust. Anyone have the model available at Costco for ~$90 on sale currently? Any opinions appreciated. 96BEEB8B-DFBD-4E59-AD75-F4897BC597FF.png


Sounds okay to me. We don’t use anything like this. Probably would to help with keeping our food a bit more fresher.
Did it actually die or just not sucking the air out?
I have a larger one and all I needed to do is get the gasket, as long as the pump works , some basic stuff is repairable.
I think the pump is going in mine. Almost like it revs between high and low when trying to seal something. Could be seal though. May look at trying to replace that first if still available. Thanks.
If you have a removable seal, take it out and flip it over and see if that helps. If it does, order a new seal . As that works a few times and then is back to losing suction.


Get a Weston. Foodsaver quality cratered some time ago. They are not reliable. I have a Weston Pro 2300 that gets a lot of use and has been going strong for over 10 years. Before that, I had a "Pro" model Foodsaver that lasted only three years, followed by one that lasted only three months, followed by the last (a warranty replacement) that lasted all of three weeks.

After that, I asked my catering buddies what they used, and they pointed me to Weston. My homebrew supply store used them, too, for packaging hops, minerals, etc. I ponied up for mine and have had no cause for regret.

You will spend a lot more, as they run about $350, but that'll be the last one you ever buy. You do need to change the Teflon tape from time to time, and you'll need to change the heating wire every several years, but both costs are nominal.

Don't waste your money by not spending enough.
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