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Focus Dynamic R50

Well to me it doesn't matter. What matters is the finish shave. For that the Schick adjustable is the winner. I will say that I'm using an O clone with 7 shaves on it now. I'm surprise I end up with the same outcome with it as I do with my adjustable for now. When I use the adjustable I start off with a 1 first round then 3 for second with and last pass. Then I move the starting number from 1 to 3 etc. When it starts to seem like it needs to cut closer I move it up again. Maybe I will use it like I do the O clone. I think start off at three and just use that until it needs to change. I've gotten three months of shaving every other day on one twin blade. Maybe I wil get more doing it this way. When the blade in the O clone needs to be change then I will go to the adjustable again to try it out.
I have got both r50 and r48 and the r50 is a bit more aggressive and has a better glide. Depending what you are used to the r50 is tail heavy balanced (which I do not like much) the r48 is more balanced. Could be that tolerances are a bit of squeezing the blade more outwards on the r50. Still nice razors. The r48 is not to picky which blade I use so will be a nice travel razor too.
Ow if you want to make them more agressive use a kai blade this gives a tad more blade exposure. But carefull if you have to much or tilted by mistake it is butcher day.
using an angled instead of straight down Gilette technique helps too