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Fly Fishermen check in!

Fly fishing is my passion. As I write this I'm looking at the background image imagining how I would fish it! Looks like good water, anyone know where that is?

Curious to know if there are any other like minded gentleman on here (Everyone I've interacted with on here deserves the title, good group of dudes! Don't be the first to ruin this manly utopia!).
I fly fish using wet flies. Long ones...red and white like fly version of a dare devil spoon. I fly fish mostly for pike....or using a little rubber water boatman....fly fish for perch.

I usually fish in the Canadian Shield.

I have a Hardy reel and a heavy rod....ie; for pike.
Another nor cal addict checking in.

goby....pretty sure we live in the same town.
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Flyfishing steelheader here. Spey rods, single handers throwing shooting heads. Big fan of Hardy reels and Scandinavian tube flies.
Saltwater flyfisherman. Favorite quarry: false albacore, but I target bonito, stripers, and bluefish too. Boat and shore here in the northeast, with road trips to NC in the fall to follow the false albacore.

I'll switch to a 4-wt. when fishing the limestone streams near the in-laws in PA (Letort, Falling Spring, etc.). A nice change of pace a couple of times a year.
West Branch of the Delaware, Deerfield, Green, Hoosic, and Housatonic for trout.

Throw a 3WT when targeting brookies and bows, a 5WT for browns.
I've been fly fishing for trout since 1981 here in the UK. Count me in!

Checking in from up in the corner of Tennessee where TN, VA and NC all rub together. Pursue brookies, browns and bows with occasional lapses into smallies and pan fish.
Checking in from Montreal, though due to school I haven't been out for a while.

Originally from the west coast. I fish for trout and Steelhead, and generally prefer Spey rods for Steelhead. I should get out next for some winter fish in march in Oregon when I am done my thesis.

Right now tying is the closest I can come. I tie everything from trout flies to fancy salmon flies. Starting to run out of box space though...
Hey Guys,

Good to see there are a bunch of fly fisherman here. My stomping grounds are Idaho, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.
Wow, you guys are "serious" fly fisherman to say the least. I grew up fly fishing in East Texas ponds and lakes in the late sixties. Actually we were using what passed for fly rods / reels at that time with poppers and small red worms for largemouth bass and panfish. Much later in life I returned to it with newer equipment and managed to catch some rainbows and brookies in Arkansas and Colorado.

Life has gotten in the way again and I have not been able to indulge in this particular hobby for a while but plan to in the future. Retirement cannot get here soon enough!
Checking in from Calgary, Alberta, home of the 'Blue Ribbon' Bow River. I have been fly-fishing for 34 years now, and average 300-600 hours/year on the water. I prefer still-water, but with the ratio of streams to pond/lakes in my area, most of my fishing is currently done on the rivers and streams. I have also been tying flies for 32 years now, and that takes up many of my evenings, particularly in the winter.
North Georgia freshwater fly fisher checking in. Streams, rivers and lakes... I also tie my own flies (which also may be the reason for my lack of fish)...
Wow...great little workshop you have there. Perfect, IMO. The light....both natural and artificial (lamps) looks wonderful. Is it in a commercial building...condo....apartment ?

IMO, it's an apartment. I have taken over my wife's pro bono law office (our living room).
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Trout fisherman in western nc, eastern tennessee and wesern va. Bamboo rod enthusiast - fly tyer. Probably fish some places oldbluelight fishes
Trout fisherman in western nc, eastern tennessee and wesern va. Bamboo rod enthusiast - fly tyer. Probably fish some places oldbluelight fishes
I'll keep an eye out for you on the Holston and Watauga. I'll have cane too and, most likely, a flask but it'll be tucked away.
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