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Floris Vetiver EDT from English Hall

I've bought Floris EDT from the web site www.englishhall.com once before and their deal was great. GBP45 plus GBP7 to ship to Australia.

I went back there yesterday and again today to buy the Vetiver (I got Santal last time) which has some top reviews and the shopping cart doesn't work - worst of all I've seen a couple of other on line stores saying Floris Vetiver is discontinued:eek:

Tell me this is all a bad dream:smile:
Cancelled?? Say it isnt so. I am going to watch this thread with some serious anxiety. Floris Vetiver is one of my favorites.
wow - that is bad news. I've got a near full large bottle so I'm good for a while, but this is one of my cool wether favorites. Wonder what drove this decision?
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I JUST ordered a bottle of this a few weeks ago! Ive used it twice, its in the box on my dresser!
I wonder if I should put a 'wanted to buy' on BST for this - maybe our UK members having better access to B&M stores might be able to assist?

Looking for some guidance here so if it's the wrong forum I'm happy to be corrected:001_smile
Great site, I was able to put Santal in the cart but was not able to purchase. Maybe the site will be fixed in the next couple of days.
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