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Floris Soap

I just found out that florislondon.com are offering a set of luxury bath soaps free if you order over £30 worth of goods from their site. It only applies to florislondon.com and I haven't checked out whether they ship overseas from that site.
You're most welcome, sorry I didn't have a chance to look first and check it out. I don't even know whether you have to be a member of their newsletter list in order to take advantage of it but it just came in. Seeing that it is virtually a half price offer it seemed good enough.

OK - just checked the site out and it's there on the splash page, there are two areas, London and New York, both showed the special offer, though why the NY side was still showing prices in sterling beats me!

Update - after checking the site out again, it is a different offer for London and NY yet I couldn't get the links to work or select any products - hmmph!!
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