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Floris No.89 Shaving Soap in a Wooden Bowl 100g


I have no experience with this soap and seller.
I don't think the name means anything now.
The soap went through many reformulations downwards....
I bought a few of these directly from the Floris store in NYC in the wooden bowl about 15 years ago. They used to contain tallow and came in green packaging back then. I remember the lather being very good and the scent very old school and proper. I’ll have to dig them out of storage and see if they’re still good. These days I much prefer the Italian made soaps and croaps.
@Robert G Curious about the storage. I have collected lets say too many soaps recently as result of coming to B&B. Then heading over to my favorite sample shop - Shave Dash (UK) to try them out. Then make a whole size purchase.

How do you keep your soaps stored? Whats the experience of soap unused for a year or more (if any and subjective to the soap)?

I don't think the collection should go bad since their soaps but just curious how others fare in experience and preference.
Nothing fancy, really. I just have them in a cool, dry and dark place in the corner of the closet. I have jars of MDC, ADP and others that are over 10 years old and they’re all fine. Several years ago when there was a rumor of the ABC hard soap discontinuation, I bought about a dozen directly from the Barbieria Colla and they seem to be fine, just the outer wrappers are a bit wrinkly now probably do the pucks shrinking a bit. I’ve convinced myself I’m saving money by buying in bulk to spread out the shipping costs from EU :lol:
That is wonderful to hear....now i can buy more.....lol...The only one in my collection I dont have is MDC.
I might try Shave Dash to get a sample for a few of them.