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Florena Shaving Cream


This was recommended by a friend of mine, who swears by this cream. For $3.99CAD I decided to give it a try. This morning was my first try at it, and I must say that I am impressed. I wasn't expecting it to be anything spectacular, so I didn't pay too much attention to it (ie. scent). I can tell you that it worked very well for my sensitive/combo skin, provides good lubrication and is fairly moisturizing.

Anyone else try this? I'm going to have to give it another few tries before writing a more informative review...
I think that for $3.99 Florena is a real sleeper. I can consistently get a really close and comfortable shave from it. The scent is not too bad either. Compared to some other creams, I find that Florena leaves my face just a bit dry, but nothing that my usual usual moisturizer won't fix.

If not for the SCAD, I think that I could easily use Florena as a daily cream that as a bonus happens to be cheap and locally available.
I have Florena as well, I find it to be very good stuff. It's not expensive, it lathers well, and it smells nice and I find it lubricates my skin very well. I give it the thumbs up sign.

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