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Florena Products

Dear fellow shavers,

Was in the local DM Market about a week ago and when checking out the shaving product section (as one does), I saw a brand called Florena which made 100mL tubes of shaving cream for 0.95€ and aftershave splash bottles for about 2.40€ or so (if I remember correctly), but I didn't pick it up at first because I figured it was a store brand of DM, especially considering the logo just seemed "store brand-y" to me. However, when searching through the forums here, I saw some people talking about the cream in posts from over 10 years ago saying that they liked the stuff, and that Florena is owned by the same parent company as Nivea. I figured that 0.95€ wouldn't kill me, so I went back and picked it up. Since then, I've used it for my last two shaves, and I must say that for a tube of shaving cream that cost less than one euro, I'm quite happy. Pretty slick lather and a nice clean flowery smell (I have been informed that it's chamomile scented, though I never would've figured that out on my own. In any case, it mostly just smells clean, with a hint of floweriness). To nitpick, the lather could've been denser, compared to other creams I've used, it has a pretty large bubble size, meaning that there's not quite as much cushion as a more creamy, smaller bubble size, more dense froth, but I was able to remedy that by adding a bit more product than normal and just lathering the bejeezus out of it.

Have any of you seen or tried the cream as well, and if so, what are you thoughts? How about the splash? I didn't buy it, but if anyone was interested in it, I could always go back and pick up a bottle and let you know what I think about it.
According to the 10+ year old posts, it seemed like pretty much everyone that said that they used it was Canadian, so I'd be happy to hear if that's still the case or if it's available elsewhere (besides Germany, obviously).

Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Florena was a cosmetics company in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) that Beiersdorf, parent company of Nivea, bought after German unification. The pictures in the link date back to these GDR days, but the Florena brand predates the GDR and dates back to 1920.

Beiersdorf markets this brand as a low-cost alternative to Nivea and you can find it in German drugstore chains.
When I tried it some time ago it worked o.k. but I did not care for the (cardboard) scent and rather used Nivea.

While traveling to Germany, I found that Nivea and Palmolive shaving creams are not much more expensive and I really see no need to save a few pennies and buy a shaving cream that is not any better and where I find the scent unimpressive.



ran across this vintage Florena shave soap stick offered by Vintageblades David on Etsy, happily grabbed it.
Looking forward to trying it!
Anyone have any experience??

florena shave soap stick.jpg


here's an update.
i tried without success to open the stick and keep the foil wrapper intact.
the original foil and label seal essentially began disintegrating.
so i ended up re-wrapping in fresh foil.
the stick itself seems fine and really, really tallowy.
similar consistency and feel to Tabac shave soap.
will shave perhaps in the coming week.

florena stick.jpg


nice shave today with the vintage Florena stick.
very thirsty soap gave thick lather.
nice glide; essentially no scent.
moderate after-shave feel, solved later with a bit of a/s balm.

florena merkur kai penhaligons endymion april 24 2019.jpg