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Floid blue vs RR baby blue

Im liking Floid blue, but not the price, I got a sample. Was looking on IB and saw thier baby blue AS, are these similar? I like the amount of menthol in the Floid, just enough to sooth and cool, but not freezing.
How do these AS compare?
They aren't similar at all. From what I understand Baby Blue is relabeled Vitos Aftershaing. I haven't tried the Vitos but I have bottles of the Floid and BB. Aside from the scent BB doesn't have any menthol. BB smells similar to Skin Bracer with a little more citrus.
I like both, but they're nothing alike. A good substitute for Floid Blue for me is Aqua Velva.
Their only similarity is that both are blue and both come in glass bottles.

Baby Blue is a sweet, menthol, citrus scent. It is very pleasant, and at the current price Joe has it for on ItalianBarber, it is more than worth it.
OK 1 says baby blue does have menthol and 1 says it doesnt. Can anyone confirm.

My bad! I thought it had menthol, but it does not.

Here is the ingredients list: Alcohol Denat, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Simethicone, CI 42080.

Really though, its a great aftershave. I'm glad I purchased it. I feel like you can't go wrong with anything RazoRock.
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