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FT Floid Blue, AOS tallow Sandalwood & Unscented

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Offering for trade a few discontinued items. As much as I want to,, I am not a fan of the scents.

Floid Blue- approx. 50%. see pic for amount remaining. I do not have the cap. To prevent leakage during shipping, I will transfer the juice into a plastic bottle. You will have to put the juice back into the Floid bottle with atomizer. I would recommend a small plunger like those used for children's medicine.

AOS tallow- Valobra made- new/unused refill pucks. I have 2 Sandalwood and 2 Unscented.

Looking for:
Valobra Fougere or Cologne
AOS tallow lemon or lavender
MdC Original or Fougere
SV items
Nice Ball point pen

May be open to other items such as straight razors. Especially a Tanifuji. I am of course willing to add funds via PayPal.

If you have any other ideas, shoot me a pm.

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