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Flat bowl vs. Round bowl

I recently purchased a new bowl to whip me up a good lather.

There's nothing particularly exciting about my purchase except that the inside of the bowl is rounded instead of flat. However, I've discovered that my lather is now easier to create (and thus better) than it was on the last two bowls I've owned which had a flat bottomed interior and were almost exactly the same size. Now it could be the ceramic material or it could be that I'm slightly insane, but I'm convinced this has to do with the shape of the bowl.

Other than size, has anyone else noticed a difference in lather quality based on the geometry of the bowl?

Also, I've been trying to think of a physics explanation that would account for this phenomenon (ie - because the brush is rounded, a more even surface pressure is applied by a round bowl) but I'm an idiot in all things scientific and thought someone might have a sounder theory.
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