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Flashback induced by the sight of Old Spice ...

Lime. I was reading the Old Spice thread which lead me to eBay. Right there on the first page of my Old Spice search was a bottle of Old Spice Lime. I couldn't believe the memories that came flooding back seeing that bottle. That used to be one of my favorite scents as a teenager in the '60s. Seems to me that it was a new scent from Old Spice back then. The regular Old Spice was considered an Old Man's scent, something my grandfather wore and the Lime was for the younger guys. After all these years I had completely forgotten about Old Spice Lime. I think I need to place an order with one of the India sellers and pick up a bottle. I guess since I'm on Social Security now I'm officially an Old Guy so I'll need to add a bottle of Original too.
Never used it, but I remember the ads. My father wasn't an OS guy, so I doubt I've ever smelled it.

Please post a review after using it! :thumbup1:
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