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Fitness watch?

I am completely happy with my old Polar FT80 with a chest strap. Many companies, including Polar, are coming out with wrist sensor fitness watches that eliminate the chest strap.
I was using a Garmin Vivoactive 3 for heart rate, and my wife now has it for route tracking, time per mile, tracking activities, sleep tracking... these can be had for around 150.00 as there is now a Vivoactive 4.

I upgraded from the Vivoactive 3 to a Fenix 5X Sapphire and I love it. I use it for tracking steps, sleep, body temperature, heart rate, route if walking, and activities like walking.

Garmin broadcasts in bluetooth and ANT+, and most bike computers only read ANT+ (at least they used to only read that.. some now read bluetooth). When riding the bicycle I use a Garmin 1030 Plus to track speed, route, cadence, elevation, heart rate (from the watch but displayed and tracked on the bike computer), power in watts that I am producing.

The Garmin watches I have had aren't babied and don't show any chips or scratches in the crystal. I did have to get a longer band, but that is the only negative on them.
My first was a refurb’d Garmin 401 and chest strap that ended up busted (my fault), and have had a 405 since… ‘13 I guess. And a handlebar mount for the bike so I can read and access it easily.

I’m not looking for a 24/7 tracker, so they’ve been good to/for me.
Don't buy a Fitbit I have had 4 in the last 5 years, the battery only lasts just over a year when the warranty is up the watch is scrap. You can look on Fitbit's forums and everyone is complaining about the battery.
I use the Timex Ironman R300. Timex has always been a solid watch for me over the years and I can control the information sharing, which is the obvious concern with all of the fitness watches. I fly an airplane and I usually get to the destination about the same time as my pals with their Rolex’s, Breitling’s and Garmin’s.
Ticwatch is partially owned by Google and has some good offerings. Fossil makes smartwatches too. Garmin has a good reputation with smart watches some insurance companies have Garmin discounts. Oneplus makes a smartwatch too. Amazfit is related to the famous smartphone company Xiaomi

Skagen, Withings and Fossil make hybrid watches. The watch is essentially an old watch with new watch sensors, not full feature but better battery life.
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