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fitjar holme cream brief review

I received my order of the travel size Holme cream (they also make a soap but recommend cream for sensitive skin) yesterday and shaved with it today. Here's a brief review.

It took about 2 weeks to arrive by regular mail. They had a DHL option but it was significantly more expensive. In email communication a week after placing the order, they seemed to suggest that shipping by DHL would require payment of duties on arrival. Not sure why the difference.

The consistency of the cream reminded me of The Gentlemen's Refinery, a cream I used to use many years ago. I think TGR has gone out of business. This cream is practically unscented, but I felt there was an undertone of some kind of oil that I couldn't quite put my finger on (regular oil, not a scented essential oil).

Disappointed on two counts.
1/ The travel size is tiny. It's really more like a sample size. There's maybe 8-10 shaves in there if that. So very poor value.
2/ Despite their website listing the Holme Cream as the best offering for sensitive skin, I still experienced a little irritation/burning, something which I don't experience with MdC Nature and Vetyver. The irritation does subside relatively quickly after the shave (within an hour or so).

Performance wise, it did OK. I'll compare to MdC (my daily soap) and Muhle Organic (my past favorite daily cream which causes zero irritation).
1/ Lathers quick, but not as thick as MdC. I'd say about same as Muhle Organic.
2/ Not quite as good as MdC in cushion or slickness but I'd say better than Muhle Organic cream.

Overall, this is a pass for me mainly because of skin sensitivity.

Attached is a picture showing size comparison of the travel size to my regular size MdC.

If someone would like to try the remainder of the sample, please post here and then PM me your address. If I receive multiple responses, the first one that posts here takes priority.


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I have the old cream but i assume the cream does not contain tallow. The only cream containing tallow is vitos crema da barba.
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