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Fishing combo for a kiddo

What's a good combo for a small kiddo (my 3 year old daughter)?

We got her one of those cheap Shakespeare Disney princess combos last year, and it was exactly that, cheap.

I was thinking of bumping up to maybe a little zebco combo, or something that she can grow into a little bit.

What do you guys think?
Zebco 202 or 404 would be perfect. Got the 202 for my son 2 years ago. Works great! Those shortie cheap rods are hard to set the hook on. Frustrating for kids. Enjoy!
I'm more inclined to say to skip spincasters entirely if she is ready for it, unless that's all you know she can handle right now. If so you might just have to bite the bullet with the cheapos. There's always the good ol cane pole and bobber too!
Zebco combos are great! I still have my first 33 from when I was little. If there isn't a combo that fits her you could always put your own together. Find a shortish (5-5.5ft maybe) rod. Then pair it was a good reel. I still like the zebco 33's but if thats too heavy for her the new micro 33's are nice too and much lighter. I'm a bit of a fiberglass fan for rods. They are very durable and can take being beat around into trees and whatnot.

I mostly fly fish but when I use conventional tackle its pretty much always ultralight stuff. I haven't had any issues yet with a reel being to small or not being able to get a fish in. Plus I'm not a trophy fisherman. I enjoy little fish as much as big ones :thumbup:
You can't go wrong with a Zebco 202 or 404 for a kid. More people have had that as their first rig than any other, I would be willing to bet. Spend a little more for a 33, and it will last her a long time.


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I agree with the Zebco reels; I still have my 33 from when I was a kid. I can't believe my oldest son is a grandfather now. That makes me a....

SWMBO picked up a 202 and rod combo a few years ago and it still works just fine.

I really like my open faced ultra-light ones, but I had heck with tangles on an open faced when I was a kid. Zebco 33 was good, and her 202 is the weapon of choice for SWMBO.

I need to get some rod and reels out and put some new line on them...it's that time of year where the bass are jumping in the pond.
i got my boy a fiberglass dock demon, but i also have some short and long rods, so the kiddo growing isnt a big deal
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