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First World Problems

So, in the class of first world problems, I've spent too much time today packing up pipes, tobacco, and various accessories to move to our winter place in South Texas. We plan to be down there for around four months this winter and it is our first Winter Texan experience. I have no experience packing smoking supplies for an extended trip and though it would be pretty easy. I was wrong, at least how I went about it.
If there was a good B&M near our place, I would have packed much less, but that is not the case. And I have discovered that my Social, Menu, and Financial Advisor believes strongly that my tobacco purchasing purgatory extends to South Texas. When I was imagining how much tobacco I would take, I thought 5 pounds sounded like a good number. As it turned out, I packed 5.8 pounds for the southern cellar, around 28 different blends. It is mostly bulk stuff along with some some open tins in the smoking stock. I don't know how much smoking stock I packed as I just boxed up my smoking jars. I didn't count the pipes, probable in the 30 to 35 range. I may throw in my "needs restoration" box if I have room. That's another 8 or so pipes.
This would all be much simpler if I smoked a pipe like my grandfather, one or two pipes and one or two OTC blends. But, I'm not him. We shall see how it all goes.
When I had to bug out for Hurricane Ida to Birmingham, I didn't pack a pipe or tobacco. If I had, I'd have saved spending some money at The Briary there. Of course, in that case I'd have missed out on the Mastercraft straight billiard they sold me, which has become one of my favorites. My point is that in bringing pipes and leaf, you are preparing for a long siege, which is sensible.

(And if S. Texas is anything like SE Lousy-ana, there is no real "winter." Trust me on this.)
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