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First use of Persona Platinum

I loaded my razor with the Persona Platinum. I guess I ought to have gotten the Persona red.

But the Platinum provided a damn fine shave and is as close if not closer than a Feather Blade.

Thought this time I did a three pass shave as my gf is taking me to her church again, and a one or two pass shave is good enough for with when I'm in a mask.

I have a Nacet and a Wilkinson Sword on order and I want to give the 7 O'clock and the Perma-Sharp a whirl before settling down with the blade I'll start ordering in 100 count packs.

But so far my rankings of the blades I've tried this far are:

1. Feather. }
1. Persona Platinum }tie
3. Vodhosk
4. Shark
5. Gillette Platinum
5. Derby
5. Astra
5. Loi
6. King C. Gillette
7. Sharp

My feeling right now is, factoring price in the mix, Vodhosk might be the winner.
For me, sharpness is ranked over the useful life of a blade.

For example, Feathers are very sharp out of the wrapper on shave 1. Then, they fade quickly and often get tossed after 4/5 shaves. In contrast, Personna labs are less sharp out of the wrapper. Then, they improve with a few shaves and are routinely good for 10+ fine shaves. But that’s only my experience. :a21:
I've been happy with Personna blades for a long, long time. I preferred them over Gillette back in the 70's when I was using an injector razor, and the Lab Blues I just used lately are the best blades I've every used.

I think all of them are excellent to superb, but that's my face and my opinion!
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