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First use/impressions of the twig as a head shaver

Today i used the twig on my head for the first time. I was hesitant as the leaf (made by the same company) was a terrible experience for me.

I loaded a new nacet (split in half) and did an easy, and comfortable 2 pass (wtg/atg) plus pick up shave. I got a close BBS dome with zero feedback from the alum or aftershave. Extremely smooth and comfy.

This was a very maneuverable razor. Very easy to find the angle.

Only 2 drawback for myself:
1. I prefer more blade feel. My go to shaver has been the rex ambassador for my dome shaves.
2. I need more efficiency. I have very coarse/dense growth everywhere in my head (I shave not because I'm balding but I like the look). The thorn might be a better one for me but this was effective enough for bbs after pick ups. If I daily shave this won't be an issue.

Overall I had a lovely experience and I will continue using this for head shaves to determine if it will become my go to head shaver.

Fayiz D.
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