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Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by cleanshaved, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    The wife took charge and insisted she trim my 4 month old beard. Well that was a bit unexpected but she is buying into the beard so a bit of wife beard bonding seems a good idea.
    I was a bit apprehensive but let her have at it. She told me she use to trim her fathers beard and use to enjoy doing it...….who knew.

    I took a before and after photo but the photo quality is not a fair comparison.
    The before is at the end of the day with a comb. The after was cut, washed and oiled.

    Anyway here you go. Before, getting a bit to round and bushy on the cheeks.

    20180918_162735.jpg 20180918_162741.jpg

    After. Not too bad IMO
    I had to chase her off trimming the moustache.

    20180918_171014.jpg 20180918_171023.jpg
  2. That's some serious coverage. Wow.
  3. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    two things--I think you look better trimmed and
    when I had hair I used to have my wife cut my hair and trim my beard. It was almost as much fun as the hair washing scene in Out Of Africa. I highly recommend spousal grooming sessions.
  4. troy

    troy Ambassador

    Looks like she did a good job!

    Back when I had hair my wife tried to cut it a few times, but it usually just wound up as a fairly short buzz cut.
  5. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    Yeah, I also fell the trimmed beard is better for me.
    I'll keep her on for another week. :) (Looks over shoulder as he types)
  6. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    Looks great!

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