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First time with Tabac a disappointment

So I've been using creams pretty well the last few weeks as I've been working through a Truefitt & Hill sampler.
I've also touched on the Body Shop Mac Root, and samples of Trumpers.
That being said I think I've got a decent sense of what works and what doesn't.

I've read good things about Tabac in general here.
Seem like the smell is a love it or hate it thing.

All in all it was ok, but I was hoping for more than just a shrug and a 'meh.'

Seems it didn't lather too well, and it was a little thin compared to the others I've tried. Perhaps it needs more cream to lather up well in comparison, but I used a decent almond sized amount as I always do.
The smell out of the jar was odd, but not bad.
Strangely though it changed a bit once it lathered up, and I found my nose wrinkling a bit at times.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Is this cream a little more needy than others?
I got a sample from a good friend. It was enough for three or four shaves. In the end like many, my thoughts were simply, meh.
I haven't checked the ingredients, but these seem to be two very different products. I love the soap, which produces a wonderful slick, rich creamy lather that provides a very close, comfortable shave. The lather from the cream, on the other hand, as others have said seems very mediocre. Also, I enjoy superlathers occasionally, but the Tabac soap/cream superlather doesn't seem to be better than the soap alone, and maybe even not as good.
I had the same reaction with Tabac Soap. But after some time setting in the shave cabinet, I got it out again and really loved it. Maybe, you should give it another try.
Good to hear a postive report! Is it easy to lather for you? ...

Yes, it's very easy for me to lather the Tabac SC. I've always used a generous snurdle of whatever cream I'm using. I've never felt an almond-sized amount is enough. Perhaps that the difference?!?

I use the cream.
And whereas I am not fond of the smell, I must admit that the cream lathers like crazy and provides good cushion.

I put the cream into the brush directly and facelather.
Bit more than the almond size indeed.

Give it another try.

And then go to VintageScent and get yourself some Veleiro ;-)
I've read good things about Tabac in general here.
About the soap you've read good things. Don't confuse it with the cream.

Anyone else have a similar experience?
Yes, the stuff is B-quality at best. It looks like the lather is fine, but when I shave with it it feels unplesanly 'crisp' for some reason (if that makes any sense). It is probably possible to get a decent shave out of this product, but why bother when a) better creams exist, and b) the soap is so much better too?


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I haven't tried the cream but I'm not a huge fan of the soap. I get ok-good lather out of it but the scent is meh...

You might need more than an almond size...
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