first time with straight razor at babershop

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    HI guys.. no stranger here in this fourm.. my old account was hacked and I havent been on this site for awhile.. so I am back.
    so.. I have been shaving with safety razor for close 5 yrs now. learned alot from this site. SO I had the crave checking out straight razor shaving. what it like and how I felt about it. there was a guy have a shop in town about 20 mins drive there. I was told he was good. so went have it done.. with 2 days old beard.
    he preshave it with electic razor for safety.. prep me with hot towel then its begins.. I can feel that razor is damn sharp. he stroke it one inch at a time. closest shave ever.. a par better than safety razor. Now I know why some folks love straight razor shaving.
  1. My only experiences with SRs at barbershops were when I was a kid, and in the military. They used to cut in the neck and sideburns with them.

    I'm thinking about going to have one done for my birthday.
  2. NICE!!! Congratulations!! :a14::a14::a14:
  3. My son got a barber shave a few weeks back. It was a gift from my daughter in law. He said the barber prepped his face with hot towels and oils.

    The funny thing, he told my son no matter what, make no sudden moves. Raise your hand if you think you are going to sneeze or cough.
  4. Funny thing? Might prevent a trip to the ER.

    Man1: Why did you go to the ER?
    Man2: I sneezed.
    Man1: Musta been one hell of a sneeze!
  5. LOL. My barber uses a SR when she finishes my hair cut to outline the back. She said she would never use one on herself.
  6. August West

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    I am more interested in the hacking.
  7. Glad you had a great experience! to buy your own straight razor and start doing it yourself!!:thumbup:
  8. Did she tell you this before or after? :)
  9. How much do barbers charge for a straight razor shave?

    Have to sign a waiver or anything?
  10. I love it when my barber straight razor shaves the back of my neck. Its what got me into traditional shave, honestly.
  11. My barber gets $40.
  12. The barber shop I go to, theyre always impressed when they go to shave my neck, pull out the shavette and I tell them how much I love my Feather Artist Club.
  13. $40-50 is about average
    I found one at $25, I'll have to call and confirm that price.
  14. At my barber it is. They do the hot towel, preshave, the shave and post shave. They claim it takes about an hour. I've never had it done because I keep a beard but if I wanted the shave of my life, $40 doesn't seem bad.
  15. The $40-50 had pre-shaves, towels, etc., but might vary in details, not sure of the $25 one. Found one that was $40 for single pass, $55 for two pass, so I will call around to nail down exactly what I want, they provide, before my birthday :)
  16. It sounded like a lot to pay but going by the cost per hour is very much in line with what i pay for a haircut.
    Thanks again!
  17. Some AOS shops have a barber station in the back room and a barber on staff. Surprise, surprise, they are proficient in SR shaves (shavette for hygiene). My wife bought me the full package; hot towels, three pass shave, clay mask, AS balm to finish. It's what nudged me over the line and into the dark side.

    So all these SRs arriving daily are actually her fault. (Don't think I'll try that one on her ...)
  18. I had a straight razor shave at an AOS in Las Vegas. Very nice experience with hot towels with essential oils as the preshave softener. A nice oresjave oil was applied followed by a very nice cream. I was so relaxed I don’t recall how many passes he made, but it was followed by more towels and an after shave balm.

    It was a super experience... worth every penny.

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