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First time DE shave... target: the legs

Hi everyone from Germany,

first, don't be shocked that a girl posts in this mainly manly domain of shaving. But yes, I did do use a DE razor today for the very first time and I shaved my legs. :tongue:

Background story:

I grew a little jealous of my boyfriend who had recently started with DE shaving. He is seriously obsessed with this topic (I bought him for christmas a nice brush + some cheap soap), so blame me partially. He bought additionally several shaving cremes and soaps, 2 nice badger brushes, a DE razor (a Merkur HD) and some blades. The bathroom cabinet filled nicely (first signs of a acquisition disorder?) and he started to shave every day :)w00t:). The shave results were extremly different to what he was used before; no bumps, no irritation and he smelled sooooo nice. :redface:

So, I said to myself, why not use this method for your own purpose? I usually used some canned goo (pinapple smell :biggrin:) and a Gilette Venus, but the cartridges for this product are way too expensive, so I switched to some cheap disposable razors. Additionally I always had to shave against the grain for a smooth result. My legs were always red and burning after the shave, and this was no chore anymore, but a torture. One time I almost cut my achilles heel with a blunt Gillette Venus blade. :blushing:

So today I secretly used the least wanted brush of my boyfriend ("natural bristles", around 4 $), the cheapest shaving cream in the cabinet (Florena Creme), a new, secretly ordered Merkur HD, and his cheapest blades (Derby Extra) for an experiment.
I took a shower, made an excellent lather (yes, I did my homework :tongue_sm) with an almond sieced portion of the florena cream, and started shaving.

The result was, hmm, shocking: Although I only shaved with the grain, the DE razor was far more "close" than any razor I used before. I seriously underestimated the power of this little piece of metal and got several little nicks because I was not cautious enough ("It's only with the grain, the boyfriend never cuts itself, so what can happen?"). One pass was more than enough, the blade was so quick and sharp, I didn't feel any irritation, even though I have a nice little cut at my left ankle.

Next time I will be more careful. :thumbup1:
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Congradulations, It sounds like you are doing very well with the DE.
I would think that it would be much harder to shave your legs than your face, just because it's harder to see what you are doing. Do you just develop a control by feel technique?
I'm afraid that if I were a lady, I would probably have hairy legs.
Good Work Girl!
My shaving technique is far from perfect, I am glad that I didn't accidentally cut my legs off. :biggrin:

Well, although you can't exactly see your shaving area, the hair at the legs is usally very soft and not thick. The ankle and the knee, these are difficult areas. The facial hair of men seems to be more rough and conjoined. A hugh disadvantage, I think. I don't envy my man.

I should refine my technique, be a little more careful, and then, I am sure, I will see good results. :001_smile
Welcome to B&B! Great to have you on board. I have been trying to get my wife to try my razor but she will not budge. She does like using my brush and soap to lather up though. Just keep at it and the shaves will continue to get better and better.
Welcome to B&B. This form is for you to as it's for wet shaving. No one ever said it was just for men with whiskers.

My wife has been using her DE for just about a year now and loves it. She says she'll never go back to the plastic through away junk.

Good luck on your journey and enjoy!
MrsRadish, You live and learn! Just think how well you will do the next time. The secret is just keep on living. Welcome to the forum.
Personally, I think the legs are easier to shave than the face. The face has more curves to worry about. I've never shaved my legs, just Mrs. Chip's, just in case anyone gets any ideas... :tongue:

Anyway, welcome to the site. I love having a large audience for my many transgressions. :biggrin:
My wife recently tried some GFT Violets with my BBE and she loved it. She still used her cartridge razor but is contemplating giving a DE a try. She still shaved ATG and had a great shave. Despite still using a cartridge she had less post shave irritation. I'm going to get her a Lady Gillette and let her give a DE a try.
I shaved my g/f's legs once with a DE razor. She really like the scent of DR Harris Almond Cream, and wanted to use it, so yeah...

Welcome to the boards...
Can anyone tell me what "natural bristles" means?
Okay, for 4 $ , I don't expect the brush to be silvertop badger hair, but what should I assume? Boar? Horse? Penguin Hair? :tongue:

P.S.: The hair looks bright, but maybe it is bleached.
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Hey Gunnar. My wife enjoyed Proraso too. My wife does the shave thing in the shower . . . always has . . . I think if she soaked in the tub things might go smoother . . . then again the bathtub monster might get her.



Wanting for wisdom
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ha . . . I just left to refill my coffee and my wife just read what I wrote. Ha so I pay the penalty . . . one massive back scratch.
Okay, today I tried Arko Creme. Boyfriend is still eager to receive those Trumper's creme samples, in the meanwhile I will cross-check his cabinet. :biggrin:

Same conditions as before; a cheap shaving creme (Arko, about 1,20$), Derby blades (5 for 1,20 $), the cheapest brush possible and a nice Merkur HD razor. I tried to be more careful than last time (got a nice piece of skin cut off when trying to shave the left ankle, man, I hate this spot), nevertheless I raised the bar and went against the grain. :eek:

Although my awareness of (to/for?) the DE razor was raised, I got a few minor nicks ("Why doesn't cut the boyfriend itself? Illuminati?"). Nevertheless, the shave was far better than before, to speak in B&B terms, I got a near BBS shave. No bumps, not irritation, and I noticed a nice sound as I slided the razor.

Yeah, you can envy me and all other women on this board, only one pass, and this one as smooth as it can be. Now, I only have to optimize my technique, then I will conquer the world of leg shaving. :001_wub:

P.S.: If any woman (or man) has any hints for those difficult sections (ankle, achilles heel, knee), please, feel free to post them, I'll appreciate the input.
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I am trying very hard to get my lady into this way of shaving! She thinks I'm nuts, sadly.

Congratulations on the progress and welcome!
Sigh, I must be one of the very few who had no idea so many women shave their legs.

Anyways, congrats. I would suggest working on your angle to prevent any nicks or cuts. Start at 0 degrees (the shiny top of the razor touching your skin) and go down until the hair gets sliced off.
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