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    i just picked up an atomic rocket from paa and was wondering how do synthetics differ from boars hair brushes, do you need to soak them or just dip the tips in water then you are good to go? the thing seems to hold ton of water when compared to my boar brush and when bowl lathering the lather just keeps going over the sides.
  1. i dip the whole thing in warm water. squeeze out as much as you can leaving a damp brush load and go. add water as you lather.
    I was looking at the PAA Rocket but i settled on the Yaqi Ferrari White tuxedo instead. Probably will never buy anything other then a Yaqi ever again. its that great of a brush.
  2. compared to my boar brush i really like the the design of the rocket, just gotta figure out how to use it, been using a small boar brush ever since i started wetshaving. also are you bowl or face latheiring, cause normally i bowl lather.
  3. The PAA should be
    It's a 26mm knot so it's huge. If I'm not mistaken it's the same knot as the RR Big Bruce.

    As syns don't absorb water like natural hair it's ok to start it slightly wetter. So I won't soak it but wet it and go.
  4. yea the knot is huge, but nott as stiff as teh boar brush, still getting used to that
  5. For my RR Bruce which is the 24mm version of the same knot, I wet the brush, fling some of the water and just load.

    It's a really soft comfy brush and is fantastic face latherer. The 26mm might be a bit big but I'll bet it face lathers great too.
  6. im used to bowl lathering, but this brush may just be too big for the scuttle i have, i thought it would fit nicely not realizing what a monster of brush this thing is. also not used to the sofness of the actual brush head. the boar is a lot more stiffer
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  7. I face lather. I had a boar brush as my first brush after using my dads old beat up cheapie badger. but i dumped them both after seeing how well the Yaqi performs
  8. Yes totally agree about the stiffness. Compared to my 49 and 10104 the Bruce is a much softer brush.

    Although softer, it lathers beautifully and you should try face lathering with it.

    A good buddy Twelvefret has the same brush and you could ask him about it.
  9. You do not have to soak. Start out damp, add a drop or two at a time as needed. Experiment to find the ratio; water softness and soap used are factors.

    Have fun.
  10. I suggest trial and error. I soak mine just because I always soak my brushes regardless of the type of hair, but it's probably not necessary. It makes me feel good, so I do it.
  11. +1! Definitely no advantage to soaking. The main thing is to have fun!! :a14::a14:

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