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First straight shave!

I shaved myself today. Not too bad. No nicks, no weepers. :thumbup1:

However it was not a CCS, I have patches of stubble and patches of razor burn.:thumbdown

I think my stropping technique needs work as the heel had a smoother feel than the toe. I suspect that my X pattern is lacking.

Wester Bros Anchor Manganese with bone scales. (first shave after sharpening by The Restored Razor)
Omega 10098
Green Scuttle, maker unknown
Rum Razor Filly strop
Thayer's Rose followed by Master's Bay Rum (these two go together very well to my nose)


(Is there a thread for first straight shave celebration?)
Great job! :thumbup:

If my first straight shave tomorrow is just an SAS with no burn or cuts I'll be ecstatic.

Where did you find info on this X pattern you speak of?
The first one is the hardest.

It gets easier and easier. There is a pretty big learning curve to getting great shaves, but you know that already.

Keep it up!
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