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First steps tomorrow

Hello all,
My name is Mitch and I am new to the brown leaf section of badger and blade. I have been a member of this site for now 3years. This place started my wet shaving experience which has just now turned into straight razor shaving and most likely honing. I am younger only 24, I first started on cigarettes then American dip then swedish snus. Now all that stuff is behind me and I am thoroughly interested in pipe smoking. In a world where everything is about speed I like these hobbies for the relaxation. Taking a step back and respecting everything around you. Pipe smoking just seems like a great way to embrace that, it is also deeply inherited in our history and that just fascinates me. Luckily I have a B&M by me. I will be going for a MM corn cob and maybe a mid road pipe tomorrow. Something in the 60-70$ range. Anybody have any suggestions? Also any suggestions on tobacco? Thanks for all the information I have already learned from this forum and yet again taking me into a new hobby... starting to think you can never have to many.


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Hey Mitch welcome!

Smoking a pipe is similar to straight shaving IMO in that it takes practice to get good at it. I think a MM corn cob is a perfect pipe to start with, and would suggest you wait on the midroad pipe for now. Add a few dollars to the 70.00 and you are in Savinelli territory.

Tobacco tastes vary greatly and my favorite might be your least liked. That being said ribbon cut that comes nice and dry out the tin might be best to start with. My easiest to smoke tobacco is Old Joe Krantz.
Hey Mitch! Any pipe you look at, look down the bowl and look at the draw hole and how it was drilled. You want a draw hole that’s centered and near the bottom of the U of the bowl (hope that made sense). On tobacco, sniff some house blends, usually they are in big jars you can open and smell. As for tinned tobacco, keep your eye for Butera, Esoterica, and McClelland blends. Butera and Esoterica are holy grail blends that are nearly impossible to get (b&m stores sometimes get them and they collect dust cause locals aren’t aware) and McClelland recently went out of business and all their blends are almost impossible to obtain online now.


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Welcome Mitch. Do be sure to click on the contribute tab and buy a Brown Leaf badge. It costs $1, and lasts forever. You then gain access to the Stock Exchange, where trades and PIFs of tobacco are allowed (hardware is okay inthr general Brown Leaf).
Welcome to the brown leaf Mitch!

Sounds like you have the right idea getting a corn cob and a modest pipe.

I think you could get a couple of tobaccos to start. See if they have any carter hall to find out about Burley. And maybe check for a DunhIll early morning pipe or my Mixture 965.

Keep us posted and remember, lots of pictures :)

I got back to a pipe after a hiatus of 30+ years filled with hundreds of tins of Copenhagen. When I quit, the daily urge didn't leave me for 4 years. Tried vaping, no good for me. Now a pipe or two a day keeps the Copenhagen fiend at bay. Some days I don't have a pipe and have no urges. The zen and relaxation is the biggest plus for me, and the wife enjoys the smell.
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