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    Morning gents,

    I’m sure this sort of thing gets asked all the time, and if there is a thread that already answers my question please do redirect me.

    Recently purchased my first straight razor. Thoroughly enjoying using it, however, I believe it isn’t quite sharp enough because I’m ending up with some bloody terrible razor burn. Using all the right goods as far as I can tell (osma bits and pieces)

    Bought a dovo 5/8 from the invisible edge, listed as shave ready. Gave it several passes over the strop. Pretty much until the blade was covered in the very fine dust from the leather.

    Still, bad razor burn. Only shaving with the grain so far.

    So my question is firstly, how do you tell if it’s sharp enough without going Sweeney Todd. Google brought up sliding it across a moistened thumb nail. Sort of dug in like it suggests it should.

    In any case, I should like to get it honed and sharpened professionally and then I can just strop it daily myself (?)

    So can anyone give some advice, suggestions and recommendations for the aforementioned?


  1. Well, if it wasn't dull when you got it, it is now. The thumb nail test is used at early stages of honing long before the finished edge is done. A tree top test is more appropriate for a finished edge.

    If you post your general location there is a good chance that someone in your area will jump to help you. This would be the best as they could check your strop and coach your stropping technique if necessary. Otherwise there are many people on the forum who will hone it for you via the mail.

    Welcome to the straight razor community. A bit of a rough start is pretty common, so don't let it get you down.
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  2. I would think you have probably slightly rolled the edge if you are new to stropping and possibly using too much pressure while shaving.
    If the razor was sold as shave ready you should have shaved with it first without stropping.
    Stropping properly is the most important and first thing you should learn to do well.
    If you're not stropping well, you won't be shaving well.
    Like bluesman says, best to contact someone in your area to help. It will get you on you way much faster.
  3. And maintain a shallow angle. You want about a spine’s width off the face. And light pressure. Aim for just whiping the lather off, and the whiskers will come with it. If you have a full hollow grind, you’ll hear the “buttered toast” of them being cut. The heavier the grind, the less distinct the noise will be.
  4. First off - please don't be put off. The first 30 shaves can be tricky - which sounds a lot, but once you crack it you are going to get the best shaves of your life.

    Unfortunately it is impossible to say whether it is shave ready or not over the forum. As @bluesman 7 said, chances are you have degraded the edge now, maybe to the extent where it needs to see a stone again. This can be off-putting at first - how fragile those edges are, but you soon get used to it.

    I have bought Dovos from the Invisible Edge. I didn't like the edges he puts on them personally. I rehoned mine once I had the gear and the knowledge to do so. After that they all came up as excellent razors, even the cheap Dovo Best razors that people sneer at. So let me reassure you - you have a good razor there, and once you have a good edge on it, it's going to be lovely to shave with.

    Getting a good edge on them is tricky. I would recommend you find someone who has honed modern Dovos successfully for other people. I have a few modern Dovos. To me they have strange bevels in comparison with other razors. As a result they have been the biggest learning curve for me. I find the steel very aggressive if honed on synthetics and diamond. For me they need a sharp but more muted edge. I have found the best results to be on a coticule. But if it is a coticule, they need a lot of extra time to get the edge really keen.

    I'm not to trying to confuse you with terms here - just offering my opinion that it needs someone who has honed a fair few and knows how to make them shave well.

    Bluesman's advice is best - see if you can get someone on the forums near you to help you directly.
  5. Dovo's are no different than any other razor when it comes to honing

    Yes, provided you can strop properly. When received from the new honer do not strop before shaving so you will know what the edge is supposed to feel like.
  6. So where in the world are you?
  7. If you're in Britain, I'll do it for postage.
  8. HA ha ha.............Last seen when he made the first post.
  9. Not funny. I read and reread the first post. Then I got it. I guess funny after all. Hahaha
  10. I don't get it.
  11. It's just that the OP joined the forum, asked for advice, then we went on an on with suggestions assuming ironiously that the OP was reading them, but he hasn't logged in since early Saturday morning when he made his first and only post.

    Now, that said. My wife pointed out to me that not checking back for 2 days didn't seem out of ordinary. I suppose that is correct. Just struck me as funny.

    To the OP. If you do come back and read this, don't take offence, we are generally very friendly.
  12. Ya, I didn't get it either.
    Sometimes they show up days later. Not in a hurry I suppose.

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