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    Shave 5 of 2019:

    Gear: Asylum RX, Feather Pro blade (20; flipped), Big Bruce synth, JoHS Turkish Bath (Barbershop) soap, generic witch hazel, and CC Venture AS to finish!

    Just a quick entry today, heading off to work soon.

    Whether it’s the razor, the blade flipping, or a lucky blade, I’m (I’m probably going to regret saying this; knock on wood) continuing to get consistently good shaves with the RX. Just a tad closer than a normal DE finish, little to no irritation.

    It’s been a fairly tiring week, glad it’s my Friday. Early days and late nights. Such is the road to helping those recovering. The kids are in that funky mood children get into when they’ve had too much time off; they’re (we’re) quite ready for them to go back to school!

    Happy Saturday all!
  1. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    Chris, that Honeybee Cucumber & Melon soap sounds interesting. How did you like it and where did you get it from?
    (I hope you're still enjoying the Fatip razor.)
  2. I was fortunate enough to get the Honeybee soap from @TheVez2 in a PIF. It’s a good sized chunk! I love the scenting on it, the melon is really strong. For a melt-n-pour soap, it’s pretty good!

    Unfortunately, it appears that no one is stepping up to take Sue’s place in her passing. Honeybee soaps may likely be considered unobtainium now.

    I haven’t pulled out the Fatip lately, but I do still enjoy it when I do, for sure!
  3. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    FYI I just found a Cucumber & Melon at "Uncle Jon Soaps". Of course I ordered some.
  4. Awesome! The formulation is probably different from Sue’s but I hope you enjoy the scent of it as I do.
  5. Shave 6 of 2019:

    Gear: Asylum RX, Feather Pro blade (21; flipped), Yaqi SF synth, Elite Puke Puck soap, generic witch hazel, Lucky Tiger AS, and Terre D’Hermes frag to finish!

    Just a quick entry before heading out to services.

    Decent final shave with the RX this morning, a little rushed. I ended up with Jim’s scenarios of everyone suddenly needing to use the bathroom or get help when the shave started. As a result I got a couple small nicks and one minor cut. At least I smell like a million bucks!

    Tomorrow I’ll give final thoughts and start with the Brass General, fresh blade!

    Predicted to be a rainy week; had some nice showers yesterday, though some decent wind too. We definitely need the rain!

    Starting tomorrow, with the kids and missus back to the grind, while she is mending, I’m back on Mr. Mom duty. It’ll be up at 6:30am each day for me!

    The wife and I have been spending evenings watching the British Baking Show and playing No Man’s Sky on the PS4. The early show hosts are a crack up! The newer ones are not quite as good...still trying to figure out the dude, he’s some kind of 80s/90s rocker type. No Man’s Sky is a fantastic exploration/discovery game so far. Seeing all the early troubles it had upon release 2ish years ago, I’m glad I got into it just now. It’s worth the $10 we spent on it for sure!

    Have a happy and blessed Sunday all!
  6. Sorry it took so long all, long day:

    Shave 7 of 2019:

    Today's Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (1), RR Big Bruce synth, Williams soap (modern; as preshave), Harry’s Eucalyptus shave cream soap, generic witch hazel, and Pitralon Classic AS to finish!

    Video is up on the Tube! GearNoir’s Shave Log!
  7. Congrats and welcome to the club! I started my SR experience in April 2018 and haven't looked back.
  8. Thanks! It is quite fulfilling!
  9. Shave 8 of 2019:

    Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (2; flipped), RR Big Bruce synth, SC Commitment soap, generic witch hazel, and Proraso Red AS to finish!

    Not good to start out the week already tired! At least the shave was good today.

    Really nice, really smooth 2nd shave with the General today after dropping all my people off to their places. Cleaned up and even cut my own hair (I hope I didn’t miss a!).

    Today I tested the grip “issue” of the General. I kept my hands washed of soap, as would be normal, but more times than not had my hands wet when picking up the razor. Proud to report, there were no slippages, no close calls. I could see where it might be an issue for me only if I were to go into mindless shave mode. I don’t know if the nickel helps or hinders that at all vs brass; probably hurts a bit if I had to guess.

    Back to work today. My days off just seemed to rocket past. I would have worked this evening with the coworker who passed Sunday; it’ll be weird for a while, expecting to see her on certain shifts but not.

    Sundsy also kicked off our church’s annual participation in Upward Basketball league. It’s a Christian values and sportsmanship focused league. Some 400+ kids are registered this year, for our campus alone. They usually have a practice one evening out of the week, then a game or two one weekend day. The coaches attempt to stagger things so not everyone is on the campus at the same time. Tons of fun for all involved (a heck of a lot of cleanup though, lol). That’ll be a chunk of my next 10ish weeks though, on top of whatever else.

    Hope you all have a good Tuesday!
  10. Shave 9 of 2019:

    Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (3; flipped), Yaqi SF synth, CBL 50 Shades of Vetiver soap, generic witch hazel, and Fine Clean Vetiver AS to finish!

    Last night’s shift was pretty rough. I got there and pretty much didn’t stop moving until my lunch break, then got right back to it. This morning I am sore and tired, and I needed a refresher. So after dropping the kids off at school and while waiting for the missus for our date morning, I queued up some Miles Davis and melted my whiskers and some of my weariness away with a nice shave.

    CBL 50 SoV’s number came up and it was just the ticket with the General. Great, soft, slick lather with nice, smooth strokes from the General. I did get a couple little nicks from chasing. The General might not be the most efficient thing, but the smoothness is unparalleled in my SE journey so far. I’m also sure the some of the “lack” of efficiency is me losing the optimal shave angle.

    Should be a little bit of a less intense day at work today. More basketball, our weekly kids music program, and small group bible studies. Looking forward to it!

    Have a great Wednesday all!
  11. Shave 10 of 2019:

    Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (4; flipped), RR Big Bruce synth, SS Citrus & Bay soap, generic witch hazel, and Bootlegger’s Bay Rum AS to finish!

    Rocking the Bay Rum goodness today! Excellent shave whilst catching up with some TSC videos. 100% BBS with only moderate chasing.

    I do notice with the General that due to its extremely mild and smooth shave, I am tempted at times to use pressure to increase the efficiency a tad. This or an improper “rolling” of the head during a stroke are most often what lead to any irritation or minor nicks of follicles. Think overall though, I prefer the smoothness and less potential blade feel of the General right now vs the slightly more efficient, wide cutting angle of the RX.

    Today is my “Wednesday” at work. Should be a nice day, load-wise. Yesterday ended up being OK and I’ve mostly recouped from Tuesday’s craziness. I’m still just a little sore. I’m also adjusting well to the new early morning Mr Mom schedule. It does stink spending so much time driving around, but it’s a necessity.

    I hope you all have a great Thursday!
  12. Shave 11 of 2019:

    Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (5; flipped), RR Big Bruce synth, Williams soap (modern; as preshave), Vito’s Extra Super soap, generic witch hazel, and Myrsol Formula C AS to finish!

    Just a quick entry as I’m off to work. Realized I forgot to post.

    Good General shave. Really fine tuning the technique for this razor. TGIF and that tomorrow is my Friday!

    Have a great day all!
  13. Shave 12 of 2019:

    Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (6; flipped), RR Big Bruce synth, Scheermonnik Delfts Wit soap, generic witch hazel, and Old Spice AS to finish!

    Off to work early.

    Not much to add to today’s notes, just a solid shave. I’m sad I only have one day left with it. Looking forward to seeing how the Aluminum General stacks up!

    One major thing going on at the campus today, a sizable memorial service for an elder congregation member. Otherwise, it’s prep for services tomorrow and me getting to be home at a decent hour! Yay!

    Have a great Saturday all!
  14. Shave 13 of 2019:

    Gear: Colonial General Brass, Feather Pro blade (7; flipped), Yaqi SF synth, Elite Puke Puck soap (GD/CBL blend), generic witch hazel, Fine Platinum AS, and Fine Platinum EdT to finish!

    Great shave this morning before service. The final day of the Brass General shaves went out with a bang!

    Something that really helps the General shine is a little bit of skin stretching in the tough areas where one has stubborn stubble. I’d be happy to have a General as my only AC SE at this time.

    Otherwise, 100% BBS and smelling like win.

    Services this morning, a chore or two this afternoon, then hopefully a relaxing family day. The kids have been really uppity lately, making for some tense times at home. Only 1 of them has excuse...preteen. I guess he’s rubbing off on the others.

    Have a blessed Sunday all!
  15. Shave #14 of 2019:

    Gear: Occam Razor v2 (2 dot plate), Feather Pro blade (8), RR Big Bruce synth, LNHC Coconut Oud soap, generic witch hazel, and RR The Stallion AS to finish!

    Video up on the Tube. GearNoir’s shave log!
  16. I participated in a thread I started last year, Micromatic Monday. I used my MMOC with a PTFE blade. Pretty cool. While I enjoy the straights, I'm probably going to go back a bit and use other razors in my vintage collection.
  17. It’s a nice way to mix things up now and then!
  18. Totally agree brother man. I might go back to Wade and Butcher/Schick Krona shaves,,,,LOL!!
  19. Shave #15 of 2019:

    Gear: Occam Razor v2 (2 dot plate), Feather Pro blade (9), Yaqi SF synth, CBL Barbershop soap, generic witch hazel, and Barbasol Pacific Rush AS to finish!

    Good shave today; a tad bit better than yesterday’s in some spots. Still zeroing in on a good way to tackle the underside of the jaw and corners of the mouth with this razor (aka completely normal learning curve).

    BBS on the cheeks lasted well over 12 hours from yesterday’s shave. A very good indicator for me of the highest level of of shave quality possible; not all of my razors can do that, some can do it with a little extra effort, only a couple with ease.

    The jangling of the blade is still off putting, but I’m feeling at least more toward indifferent with it.

    Back to work today. The next 8 or so weeks are the custodial staff’s “hell” weeks. It all revolves around the basketball camp. Tuesday’s and Saturday’s will be days of a flurry of activity and late closings (close to midnight Saturdays). My mind is ready but my body is not lol.

    Into the breech...for the children!

    Have a great Tuesday all!

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