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First SR shave after a decade!

Got a bit lucky and per chance got a NOS Wapienica Surgical SR from 1977 - still originally sealed.

After disinfecting and stropping on my strop for chisels and plane irons (suede side with chromium oxide) decided to give it a try and did my first SR shave in 10 years.

It tugged like crazy, my technique was poor...

But it was a crazily fun experience and to my absolute amazement no razor burn (which I get every time with DE).

A lot of fun ahead of me :)
This is wonderful, I wanted to get one of those last year until they sold out. I think some people are replacing the scales as a bit of a project. I think these are near wedges so you may have more trouble honing it from what I have read(don't own any wedges). I wouldn't have been able to resist cleaning it and trying it as is either!
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