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First slant recommendation?

I should have clarified that the shim goes on top of the blade on the PBOCS AND ElFantasma. It stiffened the blade up and stopped the slight chatter I felt.
I found just loosening up the handle a bit with my Phantom Blue slant, which is the same as the ElFantasma, makes a huge improvement.

I only have 1 slant the Yaqi aggressive top comb slant. This razor looks like its impossible to shave with without removing half your face but it only took me about 2/3 shaves to get it dialed in its very blade forward but now its my daily driver and gives me wonderful smooth shaves loaded with a Nacet or GSB. It maybe worth a shot as the head only costs around £6 on Alli.
Experienced DE razor user, but have never used a slant. My initial thoughts are to get either the Merkur 37c or the Fatip Lo Sorto open comb slant. Both sound like smooth efficient shavers at reasonable prices without being too aggressive or blood producing. I'm leaning towards the Merkur because I have read of production inconsistencies and blade alignment problems with some of the Fatips. Ideally, if I decide like using the slant, I want it to be one I will be satisfied with long-term and not just a stepping stone to a better shaving, more expensive one. If there are better candidates than the two I mentioned, please let me know. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I went with the Ikon DSL as my first slant.
I did not find it too much, but that depends on what you like.

I did get a 39C for Christmas - but was planning on returning it.
If you end up looking for one of those - reach out to me before I return it (next week).
Best of luck finding the one you want!


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The Kai is my favorite blade in the S1. Great pairing. The S1 is one razor I'll never sell.
I have an ATT Windsor, but I do not have RAD. However, the S1 has given me early stage RCF (razor curiosity factor). It was moving towards RAD, but someone told me they would stick with the Windsor.
I have the Merkur 37c and Ikon B1 (I believe its' the B1 not X3 since mine is black).
The Merkur 37c was my best razor. Very good at cutting steel whisker, and good daily shaves and several days of growth.

The Ikon B1, while a slant, is totally different. This razor even sounds different than the 37c, and I assume it has something to do with the blade angle, sorta sounds like paper. This razor gets closer, no weeps, more forgiving, I can press hard and get the best shaves. Plus it's just a better made and better metal.

Too bad I didn't see the a RazoRock Wunderbar Slant head only, at a good price. Curious how well it works. Though the Ikon is so good that I can't imagine anything better. But I couldn't help myself in trying a single edge...that's coming.
I have a Merkur 37C, an ikon B1, and a Parker semi-slant. My go-to of the 3 is the 37C, I think I just like the weight/size/maneuverability of it. It was my daily driver for several years before I retired and had to get up early and shave before going to work. To me, all give a similar shave, although the ikon gives good audio feedback and will get to BBS easier/quicker. The Parker is a great value at $30, gives a comfortable shave, and would be a great first slant IMHO.
Too bad I didn't see the a RazoRock Wunderbar Slant head only, at a good price. Curious how well it works.

The Wunderbar is one serious razor. No flash, no gimmicks, just straight-out getting down to smooth skin or maybe just a little farther if you're not careful. I absolutely love mine, but no way can I use it more than three shaves in a row before I have to take a step back from the edge. For the way it can polish technique, that alone is good reason to keep it around.

Certainly not a first slant, but one that is always demanding better technique.

I'll be very interested to see what RR does with the new slant series. Supposedly it will have both SB and OC plates in several levels. Gotta be a beginner in there somewhere.

Of the ones I have ( RR37. IKON x3, 102, Maggard's, fine, PAA BOCS, Fatip Lo storto SB), I like the Ikon X3 the most.

Smooth and not scary at all even from the 1st shave.
I bought a Merkur 37C for my first slant because I love my 34C, especially for every day shaving. I have to say the slant was milder than the 34C!

This summer I was able to try the Fatip Lo Storto open comb on a passaround, and it was a really nice razor. However, when Maggard's had the Fatip Gentile Slant (closed comb) on sale for $20 on Black Friday I couldn't resist. So far, I've had two nearly perfect shaves with it! It shaves like I had hoped my Merkur slant would shave. In fact, I will probably get rid of my Merkur slant.
Wow!!! “Milder than the 34C”…..
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