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First slant recommendation?

Experienced DE razor user, but have never used a slant. My initial thoughts are to get either the Merkur 37c or the Fatip Lo Sorto open comb slant. Both sound like smooth efficient shavers at reasonable prices without being too aggressive or blood producing. I'm leaning towards the Merkur because I have read of production inconsistencies and blade alignment problems with some of the Fatips. Ideally, if I decide like using the slant, I want it to be one I will be satisfied with long-term and not just a stepping stone to a better shaving, more expensive one. If there are better candidates than the two I mentioned, please let me know. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Wunderbar!!! Just kidding....it's a great razor, but I would not start my slant journey with it. I like my Razorock German 37 -- which I suspect is VERY close to the Merker 37c. I like my Fatip Lo Sorto; but I'd still recommend the RR German 37 over it....at least for a first slant. Enjoy and keep us posted on your decision and shaves!
The recommendation of the RR German 37 is a good one. As noted, it is a clone of the Merkur, and you can take it home for a trial run for very few $. I have found it to be a good shaver. Having said that, here are a couple of other options that I happen to like:
  • Ikon X3. This is a machined aluminum head, very well made with good tolerances, and is a gentle shaver. Some find it too mild, but I find it efficient enough and very comfortable. My personal favorite slant.
  • Parker Semi slant. The name is odd, as this is definitely a slant, albeit one that is torqued or canted a bit less than some others. I find it to be a very nice shaver. Parker has been known for some QC issues, but not I've not heard of problems with the semi-slant. Mine is pretty nicely made for a zamac head razor.
Good luck with your hunt.
The FOCS is magical at any price. Mine has a fine finish and perfect blade alignment—no QC problem at all. I’ve read about some folks having QC problems, but, if you buy from a responsible seller, any problems will be resolved.

In use, the FOCS compares favorably to my stainless steel ATT S1 ($185 regular price but quite a bit less on Black Friday sale). The two are very different from each other but equally satisfying to use. (In case you’re wondering, I much prefer the stainless S1 to the aluminum one.)

Enjoy the quest.
I went through a stage where I tried all sorts of slants. At the end, the Merkur was my favorite. I didn’t try the RR German 37 clone version but it’s probably pretty similar.
Pricey, but there's a new slant adjustable coming out from Razor Emporium in February - the Konsul. New razor, but based on an old design, the Rex Ambassador. Looks like advantages of 1) a pretty mild slant (I think 2 degrees), and 2) adjustable through a wide range of exposure. Cons are price and a new design (although the Rex is a fairly solid razor now and proven in the field).
Look around for some reviews posted under the "Tilted Picnic" threads.

Some that seem like good starters:

Parker SemiSlant
RazoRock German 37
Merkur 37
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements El Fantasma or other "Monster" slants
iKon X3

All of those are pretty much middle of the road, fairly gentle slants.

If you're ready to step up, then I can recommend:

Above the Tie S1 (SB) or S2 (OC)
Above the Tie X1 (AC tilted)
RazoRock Wunderbar

If vintage or otherwise hard to find is your thing:

RazoRock Stealth Slants
iKon Shavecraft 102 (tilted)
Fasan Double Slant
Merkur "Super Slant" (we don't actually know the numbers for these because Merkur has forgotten they made them.)

That oughta keep you busy for a while. These are ones I've used over the years and reviewed on the Tilted Picnic. Some of them I no longer own, for various reasons. My son has the Parker; the X3 was just too bland for me.

I've got an order in for the Rex, but I'm really on the fence. I'm just not seeing many modern makers venturing into slants in anything other than "here's another take on a Merkur" way. ATT is a wonderful exception to that, and RazoRock seems to be punching above their weight with the Wunderbar. (I find the RazoRock Stainless Steel Stealth Slant Version 4 to be a lovely shaver; the Wunderbar will test your mastery.)

I always say FOCS because for the price it performs superbly and will outperform many costing much more. Of 4 I own, I haven’t had one with any mis-alignment. It is efficient without drama, buffs extremely well and looks great.

Next in line would be the Fine Slant. @Cal put me onto this magnificent razor. It looks like a biter but it absolutely isn’t. It is very efficient without being hard to use or prone to any ill behavior. It is very light aluminum and requires a little pressure so may be easier for a newer DE user to use. It is great at the normal price but on sale it’s a sleeper that doesn’t get nearly enough praise.

The Wunderbar with the RR Barber pole handle is my favorite of all razors in use and is only second to my ‘55 Red Tip in love. It takes a little more care in the beginning than the FOCS or Fine but is not a monster at all. It is the only RR razor I have loved and I own 2 of them, an older first edition and a newer. They ARE slightly different in use but both are to me the best performing DE available.

All of these like a smooth rather than wicked sharp blade, like an Astra SP or Shark Platinum. I rotate between these 3 and rarely will use my Fine Ultralite Slant (same as Fine aluminum but polymer) or if I’m feeling it the Fantasma slant.
I certainly have not had any QC or any other problems with my Fatip Open Comb Slant. My other slant is a vintage Hoffritz, which is a heavy tool-like razor but great to use. Finding one might mean an eBay hunt, of course. The FOCS is readily available.
I'd recommend RR 37 or Merkur 37C, the one that is easier to get. I have the 37C and it is a very smooth shaver, medium efficiency, on my scale. I had the FOCS too, no issues whatsoever, aligned well, finish was good. The only thing is, I didn't like it one bit. Maybe I was expecting too much because of the hype high praise here. The 37C was much smoother and only a little bit less efficient. The FOCS wasn't efficient enough to get away with 2 passes, like an R41. Also the blades oxidized in it after one use, and I wasn't going to remove the blade after each use, so it had to go.
I will start this week with a FOCS and a Bic Chrome Platinum. I have currently 3 (1 gold, 2 chrome to mix and match) of them and all shave fine and are efficient without drama.
Take care of your Fine Aluminum Slant, ponykilr. They are collectors pieces now (no longer made). :crying:
I actually went to the Fine site after the recommendation I made to see if the Black Friday sale was on and couldn’t find the Fine Slant so I sort of guessed it was on hiatus. That is a shame as it is a great razor.

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I actually went to the Fine site after the recommendation I made to see if the Black Friday sale was on and couldn’t find the Fine Slant so I sort of guessed it was on hiatus. That is a shame as it is a great razor.

There are still a couple for sale with various online retailers, if you care to look. I found two yesterday after reading this thread.
The Parker semi slant is cheap, cheerful and nicely aggressive. For the price you can't go wrong. I like mine.

Another +1 for the Parker semi-slant. It is not expensive, but it is a very well made razor. All the parts align well. It is a great shaver. Being a semi-slant, you should not encounter any issues learning to use it.
RazoRock Wunderbar or DSCosmetic DS-XT.
Original and copy, both my favorites by far.

The Fatip Lo Storto, usually referred to as FOCS, which sucks, is more readily available and cheaper.

It doesn't come close to the Wunderbar. YMMV ofc, as always, but I think the Wunderbar and DS-XT head are the epitome of slant shaving incarnate.
I bought a Merkur 37C for my first slant because I love my 34C, especially for every day shaving. I have to say the slant was milder than the 34C!

This summer I was able to try the Fatip Lo Storto open comb on a passaround, and it was a really nice razor. However, when Maggard's had the Fatip Gentile Slant (closed comb) on sale for $20 on Black Friday I couldn't resist. So far, I've had two nearly perfect shaves with it! It shaves like I had hoped my Merkur slant would shave. In fact, I will probably get rid of my Merkur slant.
My first slant was the Merkur 37G (in goldplating) but though I get decent shaves out of it, it never became a fav. I thought slants were simply not for me (no added value) till I came across the PAA bakelite OC slant. Sadly no longer made but one of the most effective razors I ever used and though some call it aggressive it is capable of delivering the most comfortable shave. The PAA monster series look alike but are different; really nice shavers but not as good as the bakelite for me.

Recently I added both Fatips; the FOCS and FSBS and both shave also really nice and effective but I have a preference for the FOCS. All the razors mentioned are (at least for me) more comfortable and effective than the Merkur. And all of them are less expensive as well.
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