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First Shave

Well, I ended up acquiring the HD from Jerry yesterday. I immediately sped back to the house, gave it a good cleansing with some germicidal wipes I acquired from the hospital, and fired a blade in it. After eyeballing it for a few minutes I decided to wait 'till this morning to cut my teeth, so to speak, with this fine instrument. While in the shower and envisioning the shave to follow I found myself to have cold feet...imagining rolling into the OR with the vascular surgeon waiting to reattach the open ends of my carotid artery. I didn't wuss out and by the end actually impressed myself. My goals for the shave were to avoid any blood letting #1 and to enjoy it #2. Mission accomplished. I will say that I now understand the need for multiple passes as my with the grain attempt left parts of my face fairly bushy. I attacked those with a second pass (with the grain) and smoothed them out...moreorless. My shave was assisted with the help of Menscience shave cream which I must say I was impressed with. The only draw back was that it clogged the razor constantly. This afternoon I plan on making a few trips around town to pick up the C&E Best Badger brush as well as some T&H Shave Cream. Once the acquisitions have been made, I'll post some pics here and under the pic/video forum.

Thanks so much for all the advice you guys have given me!

awesome! are you getting the small $35 C&E brush? I like it a lot. is C&E still running the sale? it was 20% off this weekend.

for T&H I recommend the ultimate cream and 1805. very good creams.
Whaa? Yes I am going for the $35 best badger brush. 20% off! I hope it's still on sale.
I am definitely looking at the T&H Ultimate cream as well as the 1805. I received a sample of the 1805 when I bought the razor and will likely try it out after I buy the brush.

it's only online! call your local shop to see if they extended it also but i just went to their site and they said they were extending it one day for online!!!!

Sounds like you are off to a great start! You'll love the C&E Brush, even if it isn't on sale! And while you are picking up the brush, see if you can get them to throw in samples of the C&E Sienna, Nomad and Almond shaving creams. Also, you wouldn't happen to be a fountain pen collector, would you?

Next thing you know, Todd will be throwing around terms such as SCAD, RAD, & BAD.:wink:

You have started on a new road of enlightenment and enjoyment-make sure you enjoy the ride; it only gets better! :biggrin:

First off, I appreciate the word on the 20% off, Obsessis. Unfortunately, I have already purchased the brush without the discount. No big deal, just 6 bucks that I'd end up paying in shipping (at least, b/c I'd probably want to overnight it to get it here that much faster). I also ended up buying the little brush stand that goes with it so I can dry it. After the brush, I picked up a sample of the nomad cream and bought a tube of the T&H 1805...the local store didn't have any ultimate cream so I settled with the 1805.
Secondly, I don't know all of these acronyms you guys are throwing out. How about somebody throw together a little dictionary of them that can be posted with the FAQ link?:001_smile It seems that I have heard BAD = brush acquisition disorder or something like that. I hope I don't fall into this...my wife'll kill me...she already wants to kill me for spending all of my free time here instead of cleaning out the flower beds.
Lastly, pen collector??? I wish. I just bought a Pelikan 400 about a month ago (birthday present from the wife). It is my first "good" pen. I definitely want to add another pen like a sailor in an extra fine nib...something that writes with a lot of precision. Currently, I am having some problems with the pelikan leaking some ink onto the nib while I write. Not sure if this is normal but I'll attach a pic on the fountain pen thread.
Have a great day! Off to the flower beds.

I'm happy to hear your first shave went well! Like Austin said, it only gets better. Once you gain a little more confidence, you can try the ever so popular S/N pass and amaze your wife with the baby butt smooth shave (BBS)you've achieved. Then, she'll appreciate all the shaving tools you've purchased and even encourage you to buy more!:wink:

If you decide you really like the T&H goodies, here's a great place to purchase them.

Keep us informed of your progress!
Thanks Jerry and Kujo,

I ended up heading to Penn Sq. Mall to pick up the brush and then to Essentials to pick up the 1805. I'll get to use the brush tomorrow with the 1805.
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