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First Shave with WWI Gillette Contractor Tech Razor

I have recently acquired a black WWII Gillette Contractor Tech razor in very good shape. Today was the first shave using this as close to my birth year razor that I will probably find. For the shave I used a new Personna Lab blade and MWF after my normal pre shave routine.

The shave was remarkably smooth and I easily obtained a BSS on the face and a DFS on the neck using four passes and a bit of buffing under the chin and on the neck. It's unclear why the neck wasn't closer; however, for the first use I was very pleased. Afterward, there was one tiny stingy patch from the alum block right under my nose. All else was good. For an inexpensive, relatively unattractive, and light weight razor it did a good job in addition to the historical value.
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