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First shave with the Personna Injector.

I am a very happy shaver tonight. I couldn't wait until morning. I had to shave as soon as I got home from work. This thing shaves as good as it looks! Very easy to dial in the correct angle. I did manage to nick my neck, but it was just the razor instilling a little fear to gain respect, lol. This is only my first shave, so hopefully things get even better from here. :biggrin1:

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I don't know if it's the blade mellowing out, or what, but every shave seems to get smoother. I'm in love with this razor, lol.
It's not unusual for an injector blade to shave a little smoother after the second or third shave as it gets broken in. Welcome to the wonderful world of injector shaving. You will not be disappointed. Injectors are some of the best razors you can get. And the blades last a long time.
How is it compared to Schicks? How would you rate it regarding mild/aggressive?

Right now I only have a J type to compare it to, but I have more coming in the mail. I would say that, after figuring out the correct angle, it just the slightest bit more aggressive than the J, but definitely not in a bad way. It seems more efficient, but not as carefree. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this razor, maybe it could be a little heavier, but the same could be said about most injectors from what I have read.
I still need to use my adjustable again for a third shave. My first few times with the new to me razor coupled with my first use of Chicks, gave me the same irritation I had with my first time with a Schick M adjustable. I will give it another go.
How is it compared to Schicks? How would you rate it regarding mild/aggressive?

By coincidence I recently bought a Personna Injector and I am shaving with it this week.

I find it to be a mild, but an effective shaver, similar to the Schick Injector Type L razors. I have a coarse beard and the Personna Injector takes 3 passes and a little buffing on the neck for an outstanding shave. It is light weight. It has a modern look to it and the stainless steel construction is classy. The handle is not as comfortable as many other razors. The handle is "triangular" shaped, with the top side of the handle being slightly wider than the bottom side of the handle, similar to the handle of the Pal Adjustable Injector.

I like the Personna Injector razor, but not as well as say the Schick Type G Injector or the Schick Type L3 Injector with the "tennis racket" handle.
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Generally, the Schick razors become milder as you go up in the alphabet. Types D and E are very efficient, Types G, I, and J are medium, L and up are mild, except for the Type M which is adjustable.

The PAL Injectomatic is comparable to the Schick Type G and is also a very good injector razor.
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