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First Shave with the new HD - Woo Hoo!!

Unwrapped the shaving goodies from QED this morning and gave wet shaving a shot.


Charles @ QED mailed the goodies lickity-split and I enjoyed them this mornining. I ordered the folloowing for my newbie set up:
Merker HD
Savile SR108
QEDman Sandalwood Shave Soap

Thanks to all for the newbie kit suggestions -

I can't believe how close the shave is and how enjoyable it is - a far cry from Gillette Sensors and chemical gels out of a can. Can't wait 'til tomorrow morning.

One question - I had a tough time getting much of a lather from the glycerin soap. Any technique suggestions or secrets?

Scotto said:
Hmmm. One might check here. Or here and here.


AHHHH Scotto... too fast, I was JUST about to post those three.... bum :tongue: :biggrin:

As Scotto linked you up to, our pictorial section is LOADED with instructional posts. Between that forum, and the B&B DVD there isn't a whole lot wetshaving related we don't have covered. :cool:
Scotto's soap lathering tutorials are top notch. I occasionally go back and re-read them whenever a soap is giving me problems.


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Welcome aboard, Michael, and hang on to your wallet!

I noticed no mention of blades or aftershaves, so we'll have to do something about that.

It only gets better.................
Looks like a good start for products Michael... Don't be afraid to work up some heavy duty bubbles in your brush from atop the soap tub before commiting to lather. That is a very common mistake for newbies.
Excellent start on a wet shaving kit -the QED Sandalwood soap smells absolutely wonderful.

Look forward to hearing how it goes.
Scotto, thanks for the links.

Everyone - thanks for the feedback.

I'm currently finishing up some Nivea aftershave balm (boring!) - so, a good aftershave is now on the radar - my wallet IS in danger!

Thanks again,

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