First Shave with Supply V2

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Steve_in_CT, Jan 1, 2019.

    Today I used the Supply with a Schick blade. What a difference. The shave was smoother if that was possible and closer than with the Supply blades I think I found the perfect razor more me. No more looking.

    I tried 3 DE, 4 Single edge, too many cartridge razor to count, now I think my search is over. I guess I saved the best for last.
  1. rockviper

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    The blade made that much of a difference? In my Injector, the both shave the same, with the Schick just lasting longer.
  2. For me it sure did!
  3. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

  4. Good for you! I haven't been able to tell much of a difference between the Personna blades from Supply and Schick blades from China. In fact, I think that the Personna's may be smoother but I'm not even sure about that. I've been alternating and often forget which one is in the razor.

    As an aside, I just started using a Razorock Black Hawk AC style razor and I think it is providing even closer shaves than the Supply - although once again it's awfully close and I heartily recommend both razors. They are quite a contrast, as the Supply is fairly heavy and the aluminum Black Hawk is the lightest razor I own.
  5. Speaking of blades, has anybody tried the Schick B-20 blades from Japan?
  6. I just got some direct from Japan. Shaved my arm for a sec with a Schick type G. Seems nice. I'll try to remember to update when I try it out for real on my face.

    FWIW, buying blades from Rakuten/japan is pretty painless. It's always cheap.
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    Are you loading the blade with the injector or manually loading by loosening the plate? I found that for me it was almost impossible to not damage the blade with the injector.
  8. I load with injector very carefully. I give the injector cartridge a slight twist to open the track a little wider.
  9. Fantastic. Do you have a link that has a good price im bulk?
  10. I tried to find it and couldn’t. I’m sorry.
  11. For my face the Personnas sold by Supply are much smoother than the Chinese Schicks. Both are usable. With the Personnas this is one of my favorite razors.
    I have not seen Japanese Schicks.
  12. Funny how that varies. I hear the Chicks were smoother than the Persona. I have some Chicks but haven't used one. Of the two Injector Razors I have one is loaded with a Personna and the other with a NOS Schick Super Chromium. I like the Schick Super Chrome over the Personna for sure.

    I sent my Supply razor packing. It was just too darn heavy and would bite with no provocation with the number 2 head and with the number 1 was to mild which led to buffing and irritation or more bites due to buffing. If the Supply came in Aluminum I probably would have kept it.

    In the Single Edge world, I think for the most part the originals are better than modern variations. Stamped steel and lighter razors are the way to go.
  13. I had my first shave with a Supply injector yesterday also my first SE shave. I was very impressed I used the level 3 plate but will be using the Level 2 next time. It’s a fantastic razor. This might be the start of a new rabbit hole
  14. Supply's customer service is great. When I first got the razor I immediately noticed some manufacturing deformities (dents/nicks/scratches) around the head and handle--I emailed them asking for a partial refund to reflect their warehouse deal prices because I felt my razor fit into that category. They responded in less than an hour sending me tracking info for a brand new one, and sent me shipping labels to return the old one, telling me to send it back on my own time and convenience. They've swiftly responded to all my other question-emails as well. I also know that if you screw up changing the blade and waste a few razors they will send you a new 20-pack on the house.

    The handful of shaves I've had with the Supply V2 have been pretty good, but for me there's been a bit of a learning curve. Up until now, I've been using a Mach3 for my entire 13 years of shaving, so I am not used to manually navigating the contours of my face without the help of a cartridge-razor's tilt action. ALSO, because I watched all their tutorials before using the blade, their whole "DON'T PRESS THE RAZOR AGAINST YOUR FACE" mantra was really making me afraid to touch my skin at all (#2 classic setting).

    On my second try I pressed it super gently against my face and got a way better result. I ended up with few tiny cuts under my chin, but I felt that was more due to the contour issue I mentioned above. But hey, can anyone actually master a razor without it drawing your blood at least once towards the beginning? Regardless, this razor has significantly reduced my irritation/razor burn, a problem I've always been dealt with (not to mention my irritation flares up a lot more during the humid days of spring/summer).

    Considering this is a shaving product that's clearly being marketed to millennials in particular, I think $79 for the razor + 20x blades, coupled with the 100-day risk-free-trial guarantee, is a very reasonable price. I guess my only criticism is the premium they charge for the extra shave settings... I ended up buying them and used the #1 sensitive setting twice to get a better handle at using it.

    LASTLY... I think the prices for most of their other accessories are more than reasonable, if not cheap. On a second order I made last week for the shave settings, I also got a leather case for the razor, along with that $18 Marble Storage Tray. I looked up comparable marble trays and learned that Supply's is cheaper and nicer-looking than brands like West Elm, CB2, T.J. Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc ($25-50). I know it's just a hunk of marble, but damn, I just love looking at it in my bathroom, with my Supply V2 laying on top of it.

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