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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Steve_in_CT, Jan 1, 2019.

    The Supply is a good razor, but too heavy, clumsy, and expensive compared to a Vintage Schick or PAL.
  1. Another one of those questions like: "Is a Timeless/ATT/Wolfman/Charcoal Goods DE worth it when a Gillette New is so effective?" By any rational standard the answer is no, but then sometimes rationality goes out of the window. I have several Schick injectors and they give great shaves, but I also have a Supply V2 and don't regret paying the money for it. The shaves it gives aren't necessarily better, but it has a very different feel and look, which I like.
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    There is also the factor of some wanting a brand new razor, and not being into vintage/used ones. My take is that while a good deal more money than vintage, what you get for the price on the Supply razor is a good value. I joined the original kickstarter on it, got the razor, the 3 plates, several packs of blades, and the canvas storage case that was offered at the time.
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    I guess what we're trying to say @rff000 is that the answer to the question "Is it worth it?" depends upon your individual circumstances and preferences.

    I wish they had a short 4-letter acronym for that sort of response; it could come in handy. :innocent:
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    After this morning's shave, I swapped out the 2-dot and re-installed the 3-dot.

    With a few shaves under my belt, I can say that this is a very well-built razor. I thought the weight/heft would be an issue and, while it feels substantial, I don't notice it when shaving at all. Whether my grip is on the middle of the handle or up near the head, this is very well balanced. The shave itself is smooth and comfortable and I agree with the description of others when they refer to "wiping away the whiskers."
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    Used the 3-dot plate this morning and while the shave was closer, my post-shave face feel definitely notices that either:
    a) it is more aggressive than the 2-dot,
    b) I used too much pressure trying to get the funky neck hairs, or
    c) a+b

    Where I could feel slight whiskers in the "long sideburns" area with the 2-dot, there is none with the 3-dot.
  6. Fwiw, I got mine new for $49. Supply has a blem section. I can’t find the blem.
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    3-dot again this morning. Still some slight alum sting, but the result is cleaner than the 2-dot.
  8. Well I just broke down and ordered one today, should be here next week!
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    That price puts it in line with many normal DE razors, making it an exceptional buy. :thumbup1:
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    I'll stick with the 3-dot for the weekend and switch back to the 2-dot on Monday. I should not be aware of even the smallest amount of face tightness several hours after shaving (which I am). Want to find the happy medium of the 3-dot whisker result but the 2-dot post-shave face feel.
  11. I will differ a bit. The Supply is MIM/sintered metal, not machined like those you mentioned. I've had mine for about a year. I keep wanting to like it, but... I ground off about 1/2 the guard on #2, and lowered the blade stops to ~1mm today, actually, and had a fairly satisfactory shave. I completely removed the guard on #1, and will try that tomorrow.

    Obviously, YMMV, etc., but I personally feel that while the "body" of Injectors has been retained, the "spirit" is lacking. Of course, my go-tos are the RX, Karve F, Le Coc OC, and Myatt, so...
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    I've been back and forth between the 2 and 3-dot base plates this week. The 3-dot seems to have won the battle due to the closer shave. I only notice the razor's weight when initially picking it up, not during the shave at all.
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    After a week with a cart (Personna Speed-3), I came back to the Supply. Used the 1-dot plate for the first time with a fresh Personna blade and, yup, it is mild. I could shave again right away, if I so wished. Post-shave, I swapped out to the 3-dot plate.
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    Over the past week, I have gone back and forth between the Supply (using the 2 and 3-dot plates) and my I2 Injector. As I have noted, it is a well-built razor which I found very intuitive to use and being able to easily take out the blade when desired was an added bonus. Alas, in direct head-to-head comparisons with my I2, I just found that I preferred my old injector more. Perhaps because it is my normal go-to? I dunno.

    In any event, my Supply is now en route to @Old beard via the BST. Hopefully he will also add his review/impressions of the razor here so as to provide additional information for those on the fence about getting one. If I hadn't already been in love with my I2, the Supply would have been staying in my bathroom.
  15. I'm a month in now on my Supply razor, and it is the razor that I use 90% of the time - and I shave 7 mornings/week. It just provides a quick and effortless shave with results better than any razor I currently own. The remaining 10% have been my Gamechanger .84. I find that razor more engaging, but it takes a bit more concentration and doesn't shave quite as close as the Supply. Still, I just sometimes feel like using it.
  16. I have been think about the supply razor for at least a year. I was having problem with the price but with a rockvipers help I finely did it. I sure will give a review after I receive the razor, which I
    hope will be tomorrow. HA Ha.
  17. I'll have to order this razor! I just watched two videos of head shaves using this razor. Looks like a winner to me!
  18. I gave a review of this razor in the single edge forum, but I think I should give review here as will. I started with the number two plate. I found that it was very smooth but not close enough for me.
    I then tried the number 3 plate. This gave a very slightly less smooth shave, but I got the closeness I wanted.

    For me the razor is hard to hold in a comfortable fashion. I think with time I’ll find the right grip.

    I think it is a fine injector razor. In time it maybe my go to razor. More shaves to come.
  19. Ordered!


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